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  • Posted to Drawing to think, in reply to Joe Alfonso , Jun 19, 2014

    I'm certainly glad I am not alone! It was odd yesterday when I was doing this - some around me were smiling at what I was doing but others were very confused. Especially when I asked an insightful question. I guess that's the trick…

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  • Posted to WOW.js — Reveal Animations When You Scroll., Feb 12, 2014

    Handy. I was half expecting the animations to "unfire" on scroll-up. Is that planned?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: At what point should I worry about taxes?, Feb 02, 2014

    A very simple rule that I learned when making the step from freelancer to running an agency, was this:

    Every time you receive some money from a client, put a percentage (10%?) into a savings account and don't touch it until tax day.

    Don't be tempted to fund growth by borrowing from future tax liabilities. It'll bite you. Sure, when you're bigger and you have cashflow there comes complexity, but early on, just make sure you have enough cash in a savings account to cover what will be due.

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  • Posted to How I almost lost my $500,000 Twitter user name @jb… and my startup, Feb 02, 2014

    The most frustrating thing about this article is that the title is spurious at best, yet there are things to be learned here, no matter how short your twitter username, and these things are lost in a shroud of spin.

    I think there's an as-yet unwritten article here that could coolly explain the steps you should take to avoid such things. Two-factor auth, long TTLs on your name-servers, secondary "forgotten" email addresses, using 1Password or similar for password management, and so on. Perhaps I should write it!

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  • Posted to Commit Logs From Last Night, Jan 29, 2014

    Ha! This is pretty much what my logs look like for last night. Very appropriate!

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  • Posted to Be curious (and do something about it), Jan 28, 2014

    I'm with you—curiosity leads to interesting places.

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  • Posted to Learning to say ”no”, in reply to alec s , Jan 28, 2014

    Oh that's interesting! I don't think I picked that phrase up from him, but I guess it's not that original an idea… Thanks.

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  • Posted to Learning to say ”no”, in reply to Ryan Glover , Jan 21, 2014

    No. :-)

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  • Posted to Founder stories - Experiences of people who’ve built companies, Jan 18, 2014

    Oh, thanks for posting this. I've written a little about why I've set this collection up here:

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  • Posted to This is why learning Rails is hard, Dec 06, 2013

    It's missing a few things in the diagram… you know, like thinking about the person using what you're building, designing a thing that that person can use easily, and all that. Anyway. Amusing and the point is well made…

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