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  • Posted to Design tool that can handle complex components?, May 30, 2018

    Awesome - thanks Gavin, Joe, Nicholas. I'll check those out. I'd love to do wires -> code design process but not quite there yet. I'll check out Figma, and am on the list for Phase (curious about that one). Thanks again!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Product Design Inspiration?, in reply to Matthew Blode , Aug 22, 2016

    Holy crazy - thanks so much!!! This is way beyond what I hoped for. Thanks Daryl, Ryan, Kevin for the round-ups too (much appreciated).

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Web-based app inspiration?, in reply to Carol Skelly , Jun 29, 2016

    Heeeyyy! Thisa is pretty awesome! Thank you!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: is it just me, or do sites like AWWWARDS only appreciate 'clever' sites as apposed to well executed ideas?, May 18, 2016

    Some good alternative galleries that I check daily:




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  • Posted to Ask DN: Good svg design tool?, May 16, 2016

    Awesome - thanks all! I think I'll give gravit & affinity a shot (I can manually clean-up svg code, but would rather not have to if there's a visual editor that can get me 90% of the way there).

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  • Posted to Typeface is a new kind of font manager for Mac, in reply to BAKA .kid , Feb 14, 2016

    Thanks! That's what I was worried about. If I have to manually activate/deactivate fonts all the time it takes away a big part of why I need a font manager. System just gets cluttered with tons of activated fonts. The app looks beautiful though, I hope they beef up the features eventually, might give it a second look.

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  • Posted to Typeface is a new kind of font manager for Mac, Feb 14, 2016

    Has anyone tried these? I've been on the fence about moving from FontExplorer Pro to RightFont or Typeface. I'm not worried about getting value for $ (both are way cheaper than Linotype and Extensis). Typeface doesn't mention having font auto-activation, which I'm curious if that just goes without saying. If anyone has tried either of theses, would love to know how it worked for them.

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