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  • Posted to Dribbble redesign has launched, Mar 18, 2020

    I'm ok with the hidden titles up to a certain point but the ugly gradient background that appears on hover, definitely ruins some shots..

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  • Posted to I built an app to turn music into videos for social media, Mar 18, 2019

    That's a wonderful project, congratulations!

    I would suggest enriching it with some dynamic effects applied to the background image too. Like hue/saturation/opacity transformations based on the music maybe? Or, enabling multiple images as layers, so that they might create a "parallax" effect?

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  • Posted to Best practices for SVG icons, Oct 25, 2017

    I have a different question related to this (noobie alert!): do you embed the svg into html or use as background (say in psuedo classes) in css?

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  • Posted to Web Design Museum, in reply to Petr Kovar , May 31, 2017

    Thank you for this great website! I am excited as soon as I saw it, for I have a special interest. (Please see my post)

    The idea is very good but it sure could use some extra features like:

    • A notifier whether the exhibited version of the site is still online or not
    • If the exhibited version of the website is not online, maybe a link to its image?
    • A notifier if the website is still active with an updated design
    • An image gallery of the site, rather than just one image

    If this website achieves to be the go-to-museum of webdesign, I sure will come back with even more ideas! I sincerely wish you all the success!

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  • Posted to Sketch 4.1 New Alignment Sucks, Nov 09, 2016

    Illustrator's solution for alignment is a breeze and it is one of my most used features. Consider you have 2 objects, one long and one short. If your setting is "align to artboard" and you click align vertical center, both of them will align in the vertical middle of artboard. If your setting is "align to selection", the short one will come to the vertical middle of the long one. Finally, if you select "align to key object" and click on the object you want to assign as "key object", objects will come to the vertical middle of that object no matter of their heights. I can't think o f any scenario these three options won't be able to solve when it comes to alignment. I am expecting exactly this solution with Sketch.

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  • Posted to Sketch 41 - An Iconic New Look and More, Nov 09, 2016

    Shadows are still acting funny :/

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  • Posted to Design Jobs That Will Disappear (UX, visual designers etc), in reply to Zach Hubbard , Sep 21, 2016

    Well said! For sure there will be new fields in the future for our business but the "experts" in those new fields will be no one other than us. It is not the industry that's transforming, but our abilities which are "shaping" this industry.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Apollo 11., Aug 04, 2016

    Maybe scroll hijacking was not a good idea for a site well executed like this :/

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  • Posted to Site Design: Photon Robot, Jun 06, 2016

    I suspect that the designer intended to keep the header (and menu) fixed but somehow it is lost in translation when it came to front-end developer.

    This is me trolling anyways, this is a great site!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Personal Portfolio (please critique!), Mar 07, 2016

    Hello Jason, congratulations!

    Your portfolio is great. I really like how you go into detail with each portfolio item. Here are a few ideas I came up with:

    • Seems like your "homepage" actually is your "works" page. So it makes me think one of them is unnecessary. Why make your users click on one more button to interact with your content? The very first screen is somewhat blocking my way to experience the site.

    • It is a "portfolio" allright, but is it really "personal"? I would like to find more information about who you are and you give a brief information on contact page but it was not the first place I would look for such information.

    Wonderful portfolio, congratulations again!

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