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  • Posted to Is there bias between dark mode vs light based on Gender?, Mar 30, 2020

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  • Posted to new personal site - feedback welcome! , in reply to James Young , Mar 27, 2019

    Just a few tips here:

    • Run all the images through TinyPNG. It's amazing how much that can losslessly compress them
    • Anything that's a photo, save it as a JPEG instead of a PNG. JPEG compresses photos better
    • Large gifs are heavy. Put them up as a video, will save tonnes of MB
    • Look in to using the picture element and srcset. Serving up an @3x image for an @1x display is excessive
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  • Posted to Junior UI/UX designer portfolio website review, Mar 12, 2019

    This isn't a website, it's a bunch of linked images. Have you tried looking at the portfolio pages on mobile? The text is tiny and unreadable.

    You may want to look at telling more about the projects instead of just showing screenshots of mockups. Tell me the story.

    Also looking at your resume, I don't see any work on your portfolio from the jobs you've done? Those would be much more valuable pieces than a WhatsApp redesign.

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  • Posted to Work and life of Stanley Kubrick, Feb 15, 2019

    I don't know if there is something that's altering the momentum of scrolling or the animations are causing it to chug, but scrolling through this feels laborious.

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  • Posted to Bookmark this in case you’ll ever date a designer or a developer. Thank me later., Jan 28, 2019

    I see "Readability" isn't part of the glossary.

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  • Posted to I re-designed my site based on DN feedback and launched Failory 2.0, Dec 10, 2018

    Your Data Studio reports are private.

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  • Posted to Figma introduces PDF exports, in reply to Robert Marshall , Dec 09, 2018

    Keeping a permanent record of something. PNGs and JPGs don't allow text selection.

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  • Posted to My take on the portfolio - Part 2, Sep 10, 2018
    • Clean up the URL
    • The homepage is so text heavy, no-one will read it all
    • Why make me scroll all the way the bottom of the homepage to actually see the navigation?
    • Don't include anything is unavailable (Even though it clicks to a Medium page)
    • Where are examples of work from your resume?
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  • Posted to New portfolio update, Jun 24, 2018

    The work is great but:

    1. Way too much whitespace, you can easily scroll and end up on nothing.
    2. The parallax on the images is disorienting and comes off awkward because there is nothing else parallaxing with it (parallax never happens in a vacuum).
    3. There's no context to anything. You don't tell me anything about any of these projects. Can I download any of these apps? What are they called?
    4. There are web page designs but they are very long which means they are scaled down and I can't see any details. Cropping here is your friend and can make these look a lot more engaging.
    5. On mobile the screenshots are tiny. So tiny. I have to squint to see anything.
    6. Intercom is an interesting choice for getting in touch, but makes this feel very "business" and I'm not sure if that's the vibe you want to give off.
    7. Your page weighs in at 6.59 MB which is HUGE. You can optimise those images by trimming out all the transparency or using JPEGs since you've got flat colour backgrounds.
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  • Posted to Algolia Redesigned, in reply to Martin Broder , May 31, 2018

    It's the two tone icons. They feel like the same pallet as Stripe.

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