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  • Posted to City of LA is hiring a Graphic Designer, Jan 19, 2018

    Make sure to submit your MS Paint designed application.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Affinity Designer (2016 Edition), in reply to Max Lind , Feb 01, 2016

    Actually, in lieu of my Creative Cloud account expiring I've decided to adopt using Affinity Designer now. The outside-canvas area works when using artboards (which can thankfully have multiple artboards per document now), but has exactly the same issue as Sketch whereby it puts it inside/outside an "Artboard" layer, effectively changing it's hierarchy each time.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Affinity Designer (2016 Edition), Jan 21, 2016

    I like it, but one particular thing that annoys me about Sketch too is not being able to place objects outside the canvas. Also having multiple canvases (pages) per doc would be great too.

    Being able to switch between vector and bitmap to add textures and stuff to shapes is really really cool. Great new way to add a new level of depth to vector art.

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  • Posted to What are the best typefaces for data-heavy web interfaces?, Jan 19, 2016

    I'd suggest ones with a large x-height and very open counters, if you mean to display lots of dense text at a small size with maximum readability. Something like Tahoma or Verdana come to mind.

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  • Posted to New Zealand's New Flag?, Dec 11, 2015

    As a designer and New Zealander, this makes me sad :(

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  • Posted to How many side projects in-progress do you have? What's stopping you from finishing them?, Dec 09, 2015

    A bazillion. My problem is that I swap from design to code a lot, so my coding knowledge always takes a hit when I come back to it and there's more new frameworks and API services to learn arrggghhh. I've resigned to just making visual mock ups and dummy prototypes than any fully working products.

    A lot of mine inhabit more art territory than business, although they look like a viable app to start a business. I'm more interested in playing with app entrepreneur as artistic medium for social commentary than I am for building money making apps. Any backend infrastructure programmers wanna team up??

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  • Posted to Do you use vertical rhythm/baseline grids in your web or app designs?, Dec 04, 2015

    It depends on the content really! Like publication design — or any information design — using positive/negative space effectively relies on a certain rhythm.

    I don't necessarily use vertical grids per se, but I'd use a size unit scheme based on a dimension, such as a font height or just even a rudimentary length (I often use 8px or 16px). For example, a section of text may have 0.5ems, 3ems, or 5ems worth of space underneath (using CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS make this really easy to integrate throughout). The spacing should illustrate connection or difference between elements (closer is more relation/connection, further is difference, change, etc.) and still be in proportion to the whole layout.

    I worked in publication design for a few years and swapped between using vertical baseline grids and not, and they can look good depending on the purpose, content and application, and other times they can just be more trouble than their worth.

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  • Posted to Testing websites locally on iPad, iPhone, and Android during local development, in reply to Sean O'Grady , Nov 29, 2015

    It is really the bees knees

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  • Posted to The Jealous Buttons, Nov 25, 2015


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  • Posted to Tidal - High Fidelity Music Streaming, Nov 25, 2015

    8 months later, Rdio's now bankrupt and I'm trialling Tidal to replace the soon-to-be Rdio-sized hole in my life. Sucks it doesn't have the same social features (friends and stalking what they listen to, album commenting), other features I used a lot of (remote control, show similar albums), but still has a nice enough layout (Rdio IS better IMO).

    Beats using Spotify!

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