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  • Posted to Yes, such websites still exist., in reply to Matt K , Nov 23, 2017

    Holy damn, this is simply beautiful! I loved the Studio design ideas.

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  • Posted to Google Analytics for UI/UX designer, Nov 14, 2017

    Hey, despite not having any particular GA oriented guide to provide I do have some personal experience to share in how to go about using analytics tools to UX advantage.

    From my perspective the first thing I wanted to gather was what to measure and how to measure it, basically defining the UX KPI's I wanted to observe. This goes beyond the "regular" ones like Conversion, Acquisition, etc. I wanted to answer more specific UX questions, such as: which terms are been searched? Which tabs are been explored? Do people add items from the list or the detail page?

    As a mobile developer we've used references such as Baymard's Mobile E-Commerce Usability, Google's Mobile App Ux Principle, among others to do the following:

    We've created a spreadsheet on Google Docs with 3 sheets: 1) The first one was for all the direct metrics I wanted to gather (bottom bar taps, add to cart from different places, etc) 2) The second one was the funnels I wanted to create from those metrics, for instance: add to cart > open cart > begin checkout > checkout steps > purchase. 3) The last one was for KPI's that required custom calculation to achieve, such as Product traffic vs Conversion rate.

    THEN we've teamed up with developers to check how easy it was to register all those events and which metrics were actually event parameters, in order to tackle this part we delved into the GA documentation in order to find the right tool for each of this metrics,

    During this process not only we discovered a ton of nice features of GA, but we've found out that some visualizations we needed we're built into it (looking from this perspective we should've done this sooner), to mention a few: 1) The User Flow feature is very nice to see user navigational behavior and bounce rates 2) Creating filtered views of users that belonged to a certain group to evaluate differences in the product use.

    The good thing is that now we've familiarized enough with the act of how to measure stuff that it's easy to change platforms without much impact. In some other products we've used Firebase with Fabric to substitute GA, and it was much easier to do so.

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  • Posted to Anyone else is tired of these types of comments?, Oct 24, 2017

    Awesome post! Keep up the great job!

    Please check my work!

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  • Posted to Probably your first useful Touch Bar app, Mute Me, Aug 16, 2017

    There is s small problem though, if you're using an application that also has a touch bar shortcut, it will override the Mute Me shortcut, forcing you to Click Mute Me Menu Icon > Mute.

    You guys could use Owly strategy that a right click in the menu icon toggles the application function.

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  • Posted to UX brutalism, Aug 09, 2017

    Oh man, this takes me back to the eXtreme Go-Horse days.

    1. I think therefore it's not XGH.

    In XGH you don't think, you do the first thing that comes to your mind. There's not a second option as the first one is faster.

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  • Posted to iPhone Pro′s edge-to-edge screen and what it could mean for the UI, in reply to Roland Illés , Aug 03, 2017

    You'll be able to see it on your brand new US$ 650,00 Apple Watch 3.

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  • Posted to Visual Sugar, in reply to Weston Vierregger , Jul 29, 2017

    I must agree with you, the article make wild assumptions and is very light on content and argument to support it. I know it makes a valid point of over abusing visual stimuli in order to create uncluttered and clearer interfaces, but it does so by generalizing certain UI elements and providing examples that do not necessarily fall into the problem-space in discussion.

    PS: Chocolate ice cream beats up vanilla any day, and if it's going to be vanilla some cookie in it does make the experience more fulfilling. :D

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  • Posted to First Steps for better User research - Nubank Design, Jul 27, 2017

    Olha só! Nubankers na área

    Very interesting article Lucas, since you asked for contribution I've left a comment on your medium post with some considerations about how the team I work with have tackled some challenges you've enunciated.

    Hope it helps, keep up the awesome work.

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  • Posted to Figma 2.0: Now with Prototyping and Developer Handoff, in reply to Mark Calvin , Jul 27, 2017

    Hi Mark, you make a valid point. I wasn't suggesting that sketch will keep on living solely on it's dependency to one plugin created by Airbnb, my argument is that Sketch, as any tool and company, is also evolving, perhaps it is apparently slowly than Figma and it does have some structural problems, but they've made some groundbreaking changes to the way design tools are made and that's an awesome achievement to take for granted.

    Just because Figma launched a cool new feature, some folks are like "Yeah! Fuck Sketch!", but in fact what makes the design tool scenario so exciting is that nowadays there is a lot of competition. We don't depend anymore on Adobe alone to solve all our design needs, more companies are targeting more specific problems in the design realm and in my honest opinion everyone benefits from that.

    And don't get me wrong, I've given Figma a try and it is surprisingly polished and responsive, it is a wonder to watch a company working so hard to create a design tool. :D

    Cheers! PS: It would be awesome to see a Pug/Less -> Sketch/Figma converter.

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  • Posted to Why radical redesigns still have value in the age of A/B testing ( example), in reply to James Young , Jul 26, 2017

    You make a valid argument and I agree you, at least partially. The notion that clearer and less cluttered websites are better to use is heavily influenced by the fact that designers can be a little bias towards minimalism (trying the famous fear of emptiness - horror vacui), but for users the perception of those cluttered websites may transmit affordability which can increase conversion.

    I'm always suspicious of these sponsored articles that subtle promotes the product.

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