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Edouard U.

New York City Designer at Tlon Joined over 10 years ago via an invitation from Allan G.

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  • Posted to Urbit Hosting, by Tlon, Oct 02, 2020

    Hi all, I'm a designer at Tlon, a company developing a new computer/new network from scratch.

    Like, actually from scratch.

    Our aim is to build a new network of computers from first principles, completely bypassing the classic unix stack that has sat around fundamentally unchanged since the 70s.

    Our latest product release is a hosting service that makes running one of our computers as simple as signing up for any monthly service.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Drawing a superellipse with Sketch?, Mar 29, 2015

    tl;dr — Use a 3d CAD tool like Rhinoceros.

    Most vector-based 'drawing' applications like illustrator or sketch are ill-suited for creating 'mathy' curvatures, since most illustrators don't care too much about ultra-precise blending in their linework.

    Tools like Rhinoceros has been designed to take precise linework and use it for the creation of surfaces or extrusions that blend seamlessly. Think a car that reflects light w/o any breaks.

    This page explains line/surface continuity very well: http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/help/en-us/popup_moreinformation/continuity_descriptions.htm

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  • Posted to Favourite Design Books?, Feb 23, 2015


    Really entertaining book, fantastically typeset.

    Not necessarily "about" design or designing per se, but the entire premise of the book is about asking those basic fundamental questions one should be asking in any creative field.

    One of the more heavily bookmarked books in my collection :>

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  • Posted to Examples of simple, beautifully designed hardware?, Feb 10, 2015

    Self serving, but I'm here to help




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  • Posted to IBM design language, in reply to News Today , Dec 12, 2014

    As a designer who's contributed their 2¢ to this first pass-around of this IBM Design Language, I can assure you that the company is most certainly not design led at the moment — we're talking about a company that's approximately 400,000 people! The initiative that is IBM Design has been established to very directly take the legacy of IBM, which has been steeped in design leadership (Rand, Eames, Noyes, et al), and rekindle that x 100.

    The 'recent' initiatives that culminated in this new wave of design-led product development at IBM are probably better described as a quick-moving skunkworks–operation at this point. The specific team that built this is relatively small to IBM standards, and it's fully-understood that like any language, dialect, or code-speak, this documentation is a living organism that is rapidly evolving and subject to interpretation.

    That all being said, like any great and difficult design challenge, what's been released today will evolve and be iterated upon as the designers/developers here better understand what exactly it means to design at the massive scale IBM is pushing.

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  • Posted to Note-taking apps for OSX?, Oct 16, 2014

    NVAlt is pretty great. It's a slightly better fork (imo) of Notational Velocity.

    It can sync with Simplenote, if you want to edit notes on a phone, but within preferences, you can choose to output notes as plaintext and just keep em in a dropbox folder.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Industrious, Oct 15, 2014



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  • Posted to That concludes the DN fall meetups, Sep 27, 2014

    Plan on visiting Austin sometime!

    ꒰ ・ ̫・ ꒱ ❁

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