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  • Posted to What future for Apple’s Swift?, in reply to John P , Jun 12, 2018

    You realize Blink is a fork of WebCore right?

    Although I'm sure you have something else to say that's anti-Apple even though this whole discussion is really about just making coding accessible.

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  • Posted to It's 2018 and Material Design still uses a floppy disk as a Save icon, Jun 01, 2018

    You mad that the search icon is a magnifying glass too? Who has used a magnifying glass on a regular basis this century? It's about what the icon represents now not the callback to the physical manifestation that the icon is based upon. There's no logic behind the argument that we should choose a new icon because the whole point of an icon is to represent an action or object in the best way possible

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  • Posted to InVision's Product Tour, Oct 26, 2017

    Is it supposed to be a funny meme that a site called "reallygoodux" doesn't allow you to see the nav menu until you scroll down?

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  • Posted to Product Graveyard, in reply to Nate v , Aug 18, 2017

    +1 for the meme.

    I do miss Rdio

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  • Posted to Why so serious, DN?, Aug 16, 2017

    Lol come on dude. Get off your high horse and consider other options. The comments here clearly lay out what happened

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  • Posted to @DannPetty Show — Stop Working So Dang Much, Aug 10, 2017

    It's easy to say that when you already created a career for yourself. Very biased honestly.

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  • Posted to AcquiWatch - A simple UI to browse and filter through an acquisition database, Jan 10, 2017

    Database is scaled down. I will update both the database content and hosting plan assuming it gets decent traffic. I hope you enjoy it's function and play around with the filters a little bit. Thanks for checking it out!

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  • Posted to Ars Technica issues mea culpa for redesign, rolls back to old design, in reply to Paul H , May 17, 2016

    The Verge needs to redesign their writers too

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  • Posted to Feedback for my Project, May 09, 2016

    This is a great site idea. I've always wanted an animation resource site that's well designed and you've definitely pulled it off. I will be a repeat user

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Sketch for Logo design?, Jan 03, 2016

    I do use it for logo design on a frequent basis. Usually it's all I need if I need to make a logo, especially if I'm just playing around and testing things out.

    Even when I need to export to other software, such as Cinema 4d I can take the SVG from sketch and use it in illustrator. The only problem that comes about is somethimes the logos I make in Sketch end up a little messier because of the lack of logo specific tools. So I tend to take shortcuts behind the scenes to mark the logo look good even if the paths I draw are terrible if one of the layers is removed. This has caused problems in the past when I've needed to animate and in that case I would just start with Illustrator. However, Ina any other case when someone just wanted an SVG file of their logo, I feel completely comfortable making the logo silt in sketch.

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