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  • Posted to Bonsai Proposals for Creatives, Aug 03, 2017

    One of the founders of Bonsai here, happy to answer any questions you have!

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  • Posted to Bonsai - Free bulletproof contracts for designers & developers, in reply to Aaron S , Aug 20, 2015

    One of the makers of Bonsai here. Yep, it's only available in the US for now. We will update the homepage to make that clearer. We wanted to validate the need there and are looking to support other countries soon.

    Lots of people have been asking about pricing also. The contracts are free now and will always be. Our belief is that those can and should be standardized, and that you shouldn't charge for that.

    However, we are considering monetizing with other financial products that help you get paid, like escrow, collections, etc.

    Would love any other thoughts or feedback!

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