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  • Posted to Prototyping should be done together, as a team., Oct 23, 2019

    Is the collaboration part commenting?

    The title "Prototyping should be done together" suggested co collaboration. Is this a feature? Or is the collaboration part about sharing after you finish and having team members comment?

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  • Posted to Junior UI/UX designer portfolio website review, Mar 12, 2019

    Overall I think the portfolio is a good start showcasing some of the work you have done. I agree I don’t get a great sense of you and how you approach and solve problems. Some feedback:

    • The top section, which takes up about 80% of the page, doesn’t add a lot of value. Let you work be the highlight vs. your name. The arrow that points to your work feels unnecessary. Are you worried people won’t be able to find your work? If that’s true than maybe bring the work higher up the page.

    • I am not sure why UI/UX is crossed out? Is this because of the page I am on or because you don’t have any ui/ux work? If it’s crossed off because of the page I am on, maybe there is a better active state or try and match it with the page title/url.

    • When I go between different pages (example ui/ux to illustrations) the huge main image stays the same and doesn’t reflect which page I am on or represent that I am switching between pages.

    • The Kite App Website feels more like a marketing page than a detailed look into the work you did. It feels more like a list of features. Would love to hear more the problem you were trying to solve and how you approached it.

    • Some of the text is really hard to read (like on the WhatsApp page). Would consider taking the text outside of the images or increasing the size.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Music 'with' everyone (in real time) - A better spotify?, Dec 23, 2015

    What is the difference between this app and the social features of spotify?

    With spotify you can: - Create share playlists with people from all over the world - See in real time what your friends are listening to - View your friends playlist

    If your concept is really all about this listening exactly at the same time, I would make that the focus of your app. I would remove all other aspects form your app, which makes it feel like a spotify and other music apps and focus on your core difference.

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  • Posted to Astropad for iPad Pro - Turn your iPad Pro into a Mac drawing tablet , Dec 21, 2015

    Looks amazing. Now only if I had an iPad and a Apple Pencil.

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  • Posted to Ask DN : How do i add a contact form to my website without any back-end knowledge?, in reply to Ibrahim Nergiz , Nov 30, 2015

    I second using JotFornm. Super easy to use, lots of features, easy to embed on your site. Also the support team is super quick at getting back to you.

    Plus they have a free option!

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  • Posted to My portfolio site , in reply to Matthew O'Connor , Nov 24, 2015

    I came to say exactly the same thing. Until I read all of the copy I had no idea how to see your work. In my opinion a portfolio is about highlighting your work and experience and hiding that content makes it difficult for someone to get sense of who you are and hinders their ability to look through your work.

    I also wasn't sure what clicking the arrows would do. Even after clicking them I was still unsure. Do they bring you to new page? Different about page? Work?

    I think it is clever how all of the work thumbnails come together to form a pattern, but they don't really do a good job of highlighting what the project is going to be about or giving me any enticing reason to want to click through.

    Also once I got on a project page I was unsure of how to scroll through. At first after seeing the project description I thought that was it and was confused until I figured out I could scroll. Seems like a waste of all the real-estate on the page to have all the images be a separate slide, especially since they don't take the full heigh of the page.

    Also after I clicked on a project, I can't click the back button. Not sure how I get back to the homepage.

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