Nate Daubert

Nate Daubert

Head of Visual Design Joined about 8 years ago via an invitation from Marc S.

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  • Posted to Pure CSS oil painting, Jun 04, 2020

    These are actually very impressive.

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  • Posted to NYC's street cleaning signage design is trash, May 16, 2020

    cool analysis. I was excited to see your solution! but it never came :(

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  • Posted to Are you using animated SVGs?, Apr 20, 2020

    Use keyshape for mac. It's not very expensive and allows you to animate with both CSS and their JS library.

    SVGs are just xml as well so developers can often take what you animate in keyshape and manipulate the code even further. SVG is also a great way to mix medias like live text over an image or making part of an image an animated gif while maintaining a small file size. since raster images can also be embeded into an svg.

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  • Posted to Brand New: New Logo for Sears, Feb 18, 2020


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  • Posted to Plastic Humans – Just Another Illustration Set, Feb 12, 2020

    What sans-serif typeface did you use for this. I'm in love.

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  • Posted to Responsive Pixel Art , Jan 28, 2020

    wow this is super cool

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  • Posted to Any feedback for my illustration work for this guide related to the new CCPA Compliance?, Jan 21, 2020

    Nice work! If you're looking to improve I would suggest exploring a personal style, this mid-century modern with organic shapes has been very repeated over the past couple of years. I would also look at consistency across the illustration series, there are a few illustrations with mixed perspectives, and illustrations like 'lock' icons are different in each illustration. It looks like corners aren't scaling but the rest of the shape is. Keep it up these look like a lot of work!

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  • Posted to How do you deal with people seeing your unfinished work when you share url(Figma)?, Nov 25, 2019

    We use JIRA here and have a 'JIRA' project where we create files for each handoff. It allows us to have 'frozen files' that have everything annotated without us having to worry about developers peeping or having things change unexpectedly. We just copy and paste the frames into the new file and name the file the ticket number... that way we can also search figma by ticket number and easily find things we've handed off.

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  • Posted to How do you feel about the Designer News search experience?, Aug 02, 2018


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  • Posted to Why is this trend taking over?, Feb 28, 2018

    Because mid century modern is in.

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