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  • Posted to Pretty unique website, Jul 09, 2013

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to the kind comments on here, they have helped justify building the site the way I did. There have been a couple of negatives banded about elsewhere but the overwhelming majority has been positive.

    Some notes: Navigation. This was Hobsons choice really, if I made full lines clickable, there would be inconsistency throughout the website, which lines would be clickable? It also wouldn't have been consistent with a coding environment where you indeed have to fold your code this way. I appreciate it is a little tricky to navigate at first but I needed to be true to the concept.

    @ Thom S. The code is actually put through a spaceless processor using the Django Framework. The actual front-end code itself is only around 100 lines of html, the majority is generated via CMS.

    @ Jim S. Astute observation that everything is available on the homepage. The reason is that there is a lot more content to come, even a blog in this format. The portfolio section has a lot of projects to be added, same with the testimonials. In the future there will just be selected projects and testimonials on the homepage and you will need to go through to the correct section to see the complete works.

    Once again, many thanks to all on here for your most valuable feedback and a thanks to Gavin for the invite.


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