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  • Posted to Anxiety at Work, in reply to Ev Fletcher , Oct 03, 2016

    It's brave of you to be writing about this. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Posted to Can a designer live an Adobe free life or will Comet be Creative Clouds saviour?, in reply to Tom Wood , Oct 13, 2015

    You have a point that Adobe and Creative Cloud have many products and their success is likely not solely hinged on Comet. However, we cannot deny the movement towards Sketch and the third party prototyping tools. I think when Adobe starts designing for designers/by designers, their products start making a lot more sense, the minute you step away from that, it opens up an opportunity for a product like Sketch to fill and that is undeniable.

    I still think Adobe has a long way to go before they meet the same simplicity and efficiency that Sketch and the other tools have filled in their absence. So far though, Comet looks promising...

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  • Posted to Sketch Plugin: Sort Me – Sort artboards/layers by name, in reply to Roman Shamin , Oct 06, 2015

    I figured it was Sketch because it does that without the plugin, for example, when you duplicate an artboard it creates the duplicate on top of the original.

    The layers make sense to be bottom to up but I think I would prefer my artboards top to bottom.

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  • Posted to Adobe Portfolio, in reply to Alecsandru Grigoriu , Oct 06, 2015


    They should all be somewhat similar, they're selling the same product. However, the least appealing to me right now is Adobe Portfolio.

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  • Posted to Sketch Plugin: Sort Me – Sort artboards/layers by name, Oct 04, 2015

    Awesome, I never understood why Sketch sorts artboards bottom -> up by default.

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  • Posted to I just cancelled my Adobe CC subscription and I feel great., in reply to Joshua Söhn , Oct 04, 2015

    That's one of my issues, how do you get rid of Photoshop when there are going to be old design files that you need to work with for whatever reason, even if its just to open it and import into something else.

    Sketch is better for UI and it's my primary tool but I think its too early to completely get rid of Photoshop.

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  • Posted to Should I use sketch for wireframing?, Sep 10, 2015

    Sketch is sort of a hybrid between Omnigraffle, Illustrator and Visio. I don't know for certain that it was designed like that but it certainly seems like Bohemian Coding picked specific features from each of those to create a slimmed down, purpose focused software that Sketch is today.

    The thing about Sketch is that it's designed for ui design. It can do more but it's real focus is around creating user interfaces. I personally find Sketch to be more efficient in general, especially for wireframing. The key features that help are the artboards/layering system, shape tools, symbols and the plugins.

    Once Wireframes are created in Sketch you can easily convert them into the final full color ui, a lot less throw away work this way.

    Photoshop can do a lot and because of that it can get in the way of wireframing sometimes. If you're working with a lot of photos or you're an art director or just super comfortable with Photoshop then I'd stay with Photoshop. Don't switch for the sake of it.

    The present reality is that you're going to need a copy of Photoshop and Illustrator somewhere at the office; for working with photos, legacy design files or kits that you need to use.

    However if you're looking to boost long term efficiency around rapid creation of Wireframes and reduce costs in the long run, Sketch costs $99/per user vs $49/per user/per month with Adobe CC. Depending on the size of your team there may be a significant cost savings long term.

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  • Posted to Web Hosting for Designers?, Sep 09, 2015


    They use cPanel and they have excellent customer service. I'm not sure how they compare on pricing with the others but it's worth it for the level of service they offer.

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  • Posted to Disappointing Mailbox update. Looking for new Mail client!, in reply to Marcel Wichmann , Aug 19, 2015

    Checking out Airmail, looks good.

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  • Posted to Disappointing Mailbox update. Looking for new Mail client!, Aug 19, 2015

    Hey Alice,

    I'm also in the same boat, so are a lot of people apparently. (http://thenextweb.com/apps/2015/08/19/mailbox-for-mac-has-been-updated-but-thats-bad-news-for-many-users/)

    I switched back to Apple Mail for now.

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