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Alex Wright

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  • Posted to Student Portfolio Critique, Oct 15, 2018

    Really great site, Ethan. Very clean and easy to navigate. The only critique I would have is the color of your subheadline copy. The contrast is quite low against the white background and fails almost every bit of criteria here:

    If you darkened the color from #919191 to #585858, it still has a lighter visual feel, while remaining visually accessible to all.

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  • Posted to Revisiting :Visited, May 21, 2015

    Really love the simplicity of your solution - thanks for sharing! What do you think about changing the text based on the number of visits? Would that be possible with local storage?

    For example, if a user clicks on one of your portfolio items multiple times, maybe the text would change from 'Seen' to 'Frequently Viewed', or 'Popular'—something like that.

    Appreciate you taking the time to write this!

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