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  • Posted to Choosing the Best CMS, Jan 20, 2016

    Any thoughts on Webhook? Seems like it has similar interface building systems to Craft.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: How many of you work as designers yet can do serious front-end development?, Sep 11, 2015

    I come from a design background - and trained as a designer - but most of my professional work these days is as a frontend developer (self-taught). Something about building something functional and beautiful is much more rewarding that just one or the other.

    It is most definitely possible to do great work in design and frontend. Frankly, the fact that designers and frontends aren't always the same person is a problem. I'm often frustrated when coding out a design done by someone else when I can see flaws in it.

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  • Posted to Mirror Images, Part I, in reply to Jim Silverman , Jun 03, 2015

    Yeah, is it so incredible that two applications relating to e-mail would use a stylised envelope?

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