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  • Posted to Google Search link color changed?, in reply to Nik Treiber , Apr 27, 2016

    Mine are the old blue as well. Maybe they're doing an sort-of A/B test study on some Google users?

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  • Posted to Why I Stopped Listening To Neil Patel, Or Any Other Marketing Guru, Apr 08, 2016

    Not really related to design, but uh... I do agree with this advice. You just need to write content and see what works. Who would've thought InVision's blog would become such a great resource for designers?

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  • Posted to Site design: Country OS, Apr 01, 2016

    This took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize it was a joke

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  • Posted to Rant: Bots & Conversational UIs, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Apr 01, 2016

    Which Git GUI do you use? I've struggled to learn it via CLI and I've been looking for a Git app for years, never found a great one.

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  • Posted to Can we finally ban dribbble links, pleeeeease?, in reply to James Lane , Apr 01, 2016

    Hi James, let me say I'm OK with Medium posts if they have a point. In fact I encourage posts that share ideas because, as you said, not everyone has a personal website or a personal blog.

    And I agree that list posts should be removed. That's already in DN's content guidelines.

    What I mean is when a news post gets a few votes and gets to the front page, then gets removed from the front page but still remains in "recent stories". I see it with dev-related news(I think this happened when Normalize 4.0 was released) where a relevant webdev news piece gets voted up, then it's apparently deemed not newsworthy for designers and it gets removed from the front page. If I check the recent tab the story is still there, and it has the same vote count, but it simply won't appear in "top stories" anymore. I assume this is a manual action by a moderator.

    This might've also happened when I posted a "site design:" to the new WDD redesign too. But honestly it's hard to remember and there's no way to prove if a post was on the front page then mysteriously vanished.

    All I can say is that I've seen this happen more than once, and it happens to legitimate news posts not just listicles. And since DN has such a low volume of front page threads, specifically news pieces, why not just leave them alone? Spam is one thing, but is webdev news or offbeat design news really not relevant to a community of UI/product designers?

    Just my 2c

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  • Posted to Site Design: New Web Designer Depot, in reply to Max Potvin , Mar 31, 2016

    Seems legit

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  • Posted to Site Design: New Web Designer Depot, in reply to Brad Shader , Mar 31, 2016

    I definitely agree they went way overboard. I really prefer the very first WDD design back when it launched in the late 2000s. It was one of the best design blogs back in the day.

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  • Posted to The Email Design Conference 2016, in reply to Peter Nellius , Mar 31, 2016

    Honestly so are most design conferences. It seems like just one big industry for people to earn money hiring other people to give mildly entertaining presentations.

    The smaller confs are really great for networking. But it seems like the "big name" confs are now just for-profit enterprises.

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  • Posted to Can we finally ban dribbble links, pleeeeease?, in reply to KQ Dreger , Mar 31, 2016

    I also frequently see news posts voted up then removed from the front page. So even the mods here are choosing to remove news but leave rambling Medium posts...

    Despite the name, this site really isn't friendly to design news.

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  • Posted to Adobe Voice, Jan 21, 2016

    I really want to understand the point of this. It seems like Adobe has been on a spree of making tons of apps for the sake of having apps

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