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  • Posted to Kap - Screen recording, now with plugins. Redesigned., in reply to Joe Blau , Feb 01, 2018

    Like the other reply from Elliott, you can export your recording to multiple formats (all at the same time of the same recording, too), there's plugins to share your recording with different media sites (like imgur or giphy, etc.). The quality is the same as QuickTime (the highest you can realistically achieve without going crazy with filesizes) but with much more options to what you can do with the result

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  • Posted to Kap - Screen recording, now with plugins. Redesigned., Feb 01, 2018

    If you want more information, we're also on ProductHunt today

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  • Posted to Hyper v1.0.0, in reply to Ian Goode , Dec 13, 2016

    It's faster, more extendable, far more maintained in its GitHub repo, supports plugins and easy to change yourself. There's far more, but I think these points are quite good. Though it's all personal preference.

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  • Posted to Kap — Capture your screen, in reply to Zip Zap , Dec 12, 2016

    More control over the size you record in (including locking to aspect ratios), exporting to either mp4, gif or webm after recording, and extra export options and preferences. Oh, and much, much more to come.

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  • Posted to Kap - A beautiful open-source screen recorder made with web tech, in reply to Mike A. , Oct 07, 2016

    It's free and we've released 2 updates in the last 2 days that have extended beyond what quicktime can do already.

    This really is just an early release. We wanted feedback, not to convince people to download it. But after all the feedback we've got we know where we're going to take it.

    If you want to be convinced just follow the development since it's open-source (at github.com/wulkano/kap) and you'll see what awesome features are coming when they come.

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  • Posted to Kap - A beautiful open-source screen recorder made with web tech, in reply to Andreas Brixen , Oct 06, 2016

    Keep an eye out Andreas. Lots more exciting features to come!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Should I learn to code?, Jun 24, 2016

    As a designer/developer:

    Having knowledge of both design and development is invaluable. It gives you insight to what's possible to implement when designing and can help you develop a roadmap of how to hand things off to developers. Aside from making you a lot more desirable to employers, it helps when designing to imagine the code in your head which could increase development speed and improve your knowledge of coding as you design.

    Perhaps I'm bias because I do the things mentioned above. I'd be interested to see a reply against this.

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  • Posted to Who has tried Juiiicy and actually got a project?, Jun 13, 2013

    I've had three people reply, one of which I'm still talking to and hoping to start work with soon.

    You have to remember that it is relatively new and still getting off the ground but I'm sure that with the direction it's going that it will do well! I'm very impressed with the app.

    Have fun!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Visual designers looking for full time?, Jun 13, 2013

    Hey there Kyle!

    I believe I may be who you're looking for. I'm extremely enthusiastic about UI design and front end development and, in fact, it's pretty much all I think about.

    Unfortunately, I don't have much work on my Dribbble account (http://dribbble.com/codetheory) and I'm still building my portfolio (http://timothylorimer.com) but I'm hoping we can talk more personally and see what you think.

    Send me a line! hello@timothylorimer.com

    Thanks, Tim.

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