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  • Posted to Please critique: Framer UI Motion - Toggle, in reply to Linton Ye , Apr 15, 2019

    If Framer gets to the point it can export even semi-near production quality React components as well as absorb them for iteration, it'll become my gold standard for sure. Great to see!

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  • Posted to Principle for Mac, in 2018, in reply to Fredo Tan , Nov 21, 2018

    I concur here—ProtoPie is excellent and well worth a shot for dedicated prototyping.

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  • Posted to What is your favorite prototyping tool?, in reply to Fredo Tan , Nov 02, 2018

    Yep, for a quick, non-code, really high-fidelity option that pairs with Sketch or other raster tools (I've used it with static assets from Affinity), Protopie is the way to go.

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  • Posted to Have you upgraded to macOS Mojave?, Sep 25, 2018

    Took the leap and updated last night. Fingers crossed, so far this morning seems good! Borders (especially top highlights) in dark mode windows seem a bit rough/too bold, but just between Finder, iTunes, and Messenger, dark mode is a huge win as an option for me. I'm quite used to full dark mode on Windows 10 on my Surface Book now, so I'm glad to have it on my work machine as well. Personally I actually prefer the flatter black approach of W10, but both are nice. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Turned stacks on and liking it ok so far, although there's not enough visual cue as to what is a stack or an individual file, to me, leaving stacks strangely interspersed with regular folders. Still, it helps to clean up my desktop. Easier access to basic image annotation features for screenshots is great, and means I can pretty much ditch Skitch, which I've used forever. However it's still not as useful on desktop as Windows where I can grab a pen for the annotations. So overall, a good step.

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  • Posted to Phase Beta — { Interactions Come To Life }, in reply to Emily E , Aug 24, 2018

    Agreed. I can't see how this looks overly complicated, and I definitely won't judge it until I give it for a full spin. I'll say again what I've written elsewhere—as pros we should not demand consumer-level simplicity from professional tools. UI complexity is not inherently bad or bloat. It's all about workflow efficiency and effectiveness to reach a good result with the proper fidelity to the project at hand. If you want true complexity, try a 3D rendering tool!

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  • Posted to Do you use Adobe Illustrator for your UI design work?, Jul 24, 2018

    If you want an app with better layer management but more vector drawing power along with your UI work, go with Affinity Designer. Otherwise, yeah, Figma or Sketch.

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  • Posted to Experiences with switching from Adobe to Affinity, Jul 18, 2018

    Still have CC suite here at work as well, but almost exclusively use Designer/Photo at the office (as its mostly for me and 1-2 office mates) and at home. As others have said, I really miss nothing except Ai vector warping tools, but I rarely use those anyway. Only times I've had to switch to Ai is for logo output or assets for motion graphics, just to achieve highest compatibility with someone outside.

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  • Posted to Welcoming Gravit to the Corel family, Jun 22, 2018

    Wow! Hopefully this will be a good thing. Looking forward to what Corel does with Gravit going forward.

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  • Posted to Updates to the Microsoft Office user experience, Jun 15, 2018

    Microsoft is slowly winning me over. :)

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  • Posted to Bandcamp vs. the Giants a.k.a Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music & more, Jun 05, 2018

    I play some off of Spotify, mostly for discovery, but personally refuse to pay for monthly streaming. I have a ton of personal music thrown up into the cloud on Google Music too. Both on principle and because of my personal tastes, Bandcamp is my happy place. More interesting stuff from a wider swath of genres and artists, competitive pricing options, and an owned personal collection. I'd rather support artists more directly!

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