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  • Posted to Styles vs. Symbol Override, Aug 23, 2019

    A good way to handle this is with a mix of symbols and layer/text styles. Create a base symbol for your component with layer/text styles applied to it and a symbol for each of the states (default, active, error, etc.) with the base symbol nested inside. Then apply the override layer/text styles to each of those states. I also use the manage override panel for the states to remove the overrides for the styles to keep things nice and clean in the inspector while using them in the design.

    This works well because you can just modify the base symbol and that will update all the states. The other advantage is the usage of each symbol has clear intent and will remove any confusion when used across the design.

    I created a very quick example file to see the concept in use — Sketch File

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  • Posted to Best Font Manager for Mac, Jun 17, 2017

    You should take a look at RightFont

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  • Posted to Sketch and duplicating symbols, Mar 28, 2017

    I've had this problem before and it was with sketch files that were created in previous versions of sketch. I couldn't tell you which version I've had issues with but the only solution I had was creating a new file in the latest version and copying/pasting from the old file. Are you working with a file from an older version of sketch?

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  • Posted to InVision Prototype Beta Codes, in reply to Salva Ferrando , Jun 28, 2016

    No problem. Enjoy!

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  • Posted to Interactive Ipad Presentation?, Jul 28, 2014

    Have you looked into using InDesign? After creating the document you get a lot of options for exporting - interactive PDF, interactive EPUB or it's own app using Adobe's DPS. It's a very flexible solution and has great options for adding interactivity.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Sites like, Jul 18, 2014

    Is this the site you're thinking of?

    PSD Covers

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