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  • Posted to Site Design: Emerson Stone Design Agency, Mar 02, 2017

    Emma Stone Design Agency

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  • Posted to What do you do during your off-time at work?, Sep 03, 2015

    try the new prototyping tool that came out that morning.

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  • Posted to New Twitter Blue, Aug 27, 2015

    does anybody else have the trending news section? I've had it for months and I seem to be the only one at my office that has it.

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  • Posted to NYTimes rethink on behance, in reply to Rich Arnold , Jun 22, 2015

    Similarly, a "slow news day" layout.

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  • Posted to An email template for candidates frustrated with unresponsive employers, Jun 03, 2015

    ITT: People who are taking this way too seriously.

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  • Posted to Web Design Trends for 2015, Dec 24, 2014

    Scrolling, Typography


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  • Posted to Pull Menu: Menu interaction concept, in reply to Pasquale Vitiello , Dec 23, 2014

    Great experiment to see, nice work!

    I didn't get what it did for a long time, because I pulled too far each time and refreshed the screen. I think a little tweaking to make this interaction a little more obvious, and to make the intended primary action of navigation a little easier to achieve would make this really great.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to Redesigning SoundCloud, Dec 11, 2014

    eh, this is an interesting concept, but I have to take issue with a couple points.

    The search bar is too wide. At its max-width, the site is 1240 pixels and the input field for the search bar is 668 pixels. Usually the autocomplete feature finishes queries after just a few characters have been typed.

    His solution was (I think) to remove all visual cues of it being an input and making it indiscernible from the other navigation links, suggesting it's not an input at all but a link to another page.

    Player Widget - Although the player widget is visible on every page, its position at the bottom doesn’t intuitively communicate its utility.

    I don't think its placement has anything to do with conveying its utility. I'm pretty sure most everyone understands the utility of a player like this. He doesn't really consider why it is where it is.

    The profile picture navigates to the user’s profile and the icons on the right link to their settings, likes, playlists, messages and notifications. The upload link has been removed since it doesn’t need to be accessed at all times. It belongs on the profile page.

    Soundcloud deemed messages and notifications important enough to bubble them up above the account dropdown, and now they're mixed in with other utilities, and also moved all the way to the end of the list of icons, which to me diminishes their importance. He also changed the look of them, which caused me to initially think they were removed. The settings icon used to be a dropdown(?) and is no longer a dropdown(?)

    I agree that the Upload link isn't used at all times, but when its needed it is one of the most important links on the site, and should be easy and obvious to find.

    This is lengthy so I should stop. A good effort nonetheless though.

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  • Posted to Sketch Notebook — A Sketch Plugin to make documenting design easier, Nov 10, 2014

    this. this right here.

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  • Posted to Web design trends for 2015 that will change your job forever, Oct 28, 2014


    This is almost a buzzfeed article.

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