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  • Posted to Sketch 3 should be 0.3, in reply to Xavier de Kok , Jul 11, 2014

    I agree that Symbols are fantastic - hoping they make inter-linking between documents soon for Symbols. I guess due to my workflow I've never needed Symbols that much - I've actually found them a hindrance more than help sometimes. But yeah, if you want to use them you need to be all in the same file, which is slightly limiting in terms of workflow.

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  • Posted to Sketch 3 should be 0.3, Jul 11, 2014

    I think Sketch requires a change in workflow.

    I've never had all my designs in one file. I know some work that way but I never have. 700mb file? Woah. Again, change of workflow for a completely new program/app - you need to separate the files out into smaller, modular chunks. That's when Sketch works excellently.

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  • Posted to Disney film posters get the flat design treatment , Jul 05, 2014

    The Lion King and The Jungle Book ones are alright. All the others are just shapes and colours, which isn't what flat design is.

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  • Posted to Can anyone explain Material Design in simple English?, in reply to Amit Patel , Jun 27, 2014

    Matias Duarte is Google's Jony Ive.

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  • Posted to Can anyone explain Material Design in simple English?, in reply to Darth Bane , Jun 27, 2014

    Wait wait wait.

    Google have released some new design guidelines which states how Chrome and Android apps should look, and you're saying they're 'design-last'? Nope.

    That may have been the case a few years ago, but they've stepped up their design game in a big, big way recently. Their VP of Design is Matias Duarte, who was the former head of Android Design.

    You're underestimating Google here.

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  • Posted to Matias Duarte (Android Director of UX) on Material Design , Jun 27, 2014

    He's more than the Head of Android Design now; he's Google Vice President of Design. Which is amazing for him.

    I've saved this to Instapaper so will read it later. Thanks!

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  • Posted to Would you be up for an Adobe-less work week?, in reply to Gadzhi Kharkharov , Jun 08, 2014

    I couldn't do that. For icons and logos Illustrator is still king.

    For photos, I need to get Pixelmator until I can fairly judge.

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  • Posted to What is your hobby?, Jun 06, 2014

    Building model cars. Although I've been so busy recently I haven't done much.

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  • Posted to Products screaming for redesign, in reply to Lloyd Wonder , Jun 05, 2014

    But we should be writing an entirely new open protocol, rather than continually reinventing email itself. That's why we're where we are today - stuck with an outdated system for the modern world.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Have you ever used Jekyll with GitHub?, Jun 05, 2014

    Jekyll's great. Sounds like what you want. You'll basically want a different template design for each unique case study. The templating engine is written in Liquid, which is so much easier than WordPress's PHP.

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