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  • Posted to Here's how I would redesign Twitter, in reply to Rey Alejandro , Jan 30, 2017

    Thanks for the feedback, Rey. You are right. Without any data, it is not possible to design something well. I am a regular user of Twitter. And observational and empirical data, is still valuable data. This redesign was done for me, as a user. And I think it is possible to design something well in this scenario.

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  • Posted to How do you keep track of your productivity?, Jan 29, 2017

    This has been working fine for me as a freelancer:

    1. I keep RescueTime running in the background. I've set a goal of a minimum of 4 hours of productive time every week day.
    2. I use OmniFocus to track all the tasks I need to do. I've created separated folders for Admin, Projects, Clients, Later, General. I guess you could also do this with Perspectives but I don't see the value in the Pro version/price. I've written before about how OmniFocus is working well for me. You can check here.
    3. I have scheduled planning, email and work time in my calendar. I'm currently still fine tuning it. Heavily based on Jessica Hische's
    4. I've been using Spark for email on all devices. It's sort of like Inbox from Google but more focused and practical. It brings the most relevant emails to the top and groups them by category.
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  • Posted to Here's how I would redesign Twitter, in reply to gary ryan , Jan 28, 2017

    Thanks, Gary!

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  • Posted to Here's how I would redesign Twitter, in reply to Matthew Ström , Jan 27, 2017

    Thanks, Matthew! Maybe this wasn't clear but the idea was to have the camera active in the background with interface elements on top. Sort of like giving you a glimpse of content you could add by just swiping top to bottom.

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  • Posted to Here's how I would redesign Twitter, in reply to Thomas Palumbo , Jan 27, 2017

    Hi Thomas!

    Thanks for your feedback. You don't sound harsh at all.

    I think you're right. Space on mobile is precious. I made a deliberate choice of taking up more space to provide a greater sense of hierarchy and to make things really easy to read and scan. I believe that something like Twitter is never static and that people fluently scroll these interfaces. Twitter does prioritise information density at the moment, and, for me, it makes it harder to scan and read.

    Regarding the extra plus sign on the profile, that's a fair point. I would be interested in testing it with users. I added it because it's a common pattern on other social networks to go on your profile and being able to add something new to it. But showing the same button twice might be a cause of confusion as well.

    Once again, I'm not so concerned about how many trending topics I can see in one particular view. As a touch device, I think it's acceptable to invite users to interact with content.

    Again, thanks for your comments. :)

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  • Posted to Here's how I would redesign Twitter, in reply to Nice Shoes , Jan 27, 2017

    Yes, I've actually had the same need before. I guess this would be one of the easiest things for them to implement.

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  • Posted to Why I started using Omnifocus as my main To-Do list app, in reply to Florian Grau , Jan 25, 2016

    I'm also using their OmniGraffle app, and it's a different experience to OmniFocus. It's a lot more clumsy and things are not at the same level of polish.

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  • Posted to How to design for lager screens on a small screen?, Jul 13, 2015

    The best approach would be to test on various big screen sizes. If you don't have access to a big monitor, ask friends to send you screenshots. It might be a slow process, but at least gives you a clearer picture.

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