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  • Posted to Degrees of Experience, Jun 04, 2013

    Heh. I'm about the same age and agree completely. Actually this is one of the main reasons I stopped carrying DSLR around — everyone's got one nowadays. And when I'm off work, i'd rather just enjoy the experience than try capture it.

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  • Posted to Designers: Magic mouse or magic trackpad?, May 26, 2013

    When at my desk docked to 27", Magic Mouse it is. Even despite the accidental swiping gets bit annoying at times.

    I did have go with the Magic Trackpad but it somehow didn't feel precise enough. Funnily enough on the go I use only the MBPr trackpad. I did experiment with a dual setup too: MT on the left side of the keyboard for gestures and MM on the right but that didn't really fly in the long run :)

    Colleague is using Bamboo for everything and looks quite handy, with exposé and other basic gestures hotcornered.

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