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  • Posted to Sponsor: Vanguard by Baron Fig — A Softcover Notebook Designed for Greatness, Now Available in Three Sizes, Aug 15, 2016

    +1 — these notebooks are great and the company is wonderful. I have ordered quite a few of their Confidant's, as well as the smaller set and the pen.

    I combine them with Field Notes and always have a notebook with me.

    I recommend trying them..

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Vanguard by Baron Fig — A Softcover Notebook Designed for Greatness, Now Available in Three Sizes, in reply to Andy Warburton , Aug 15, 2016

    My experience is the same — paper is solid, but heavy ink pens will bleed. Most pens work fine, however.

    Even with the bleeding, however, the back-side of pages are still useful.

    If you're filling in UI sketches, you'll have some more trouble on the other side.

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  • Posted to Techies by Helena Price, Apr 04, 2016

    I am so stoked for this. Helena has been teasing this project for a few months and it immediately peaked my interest.

    Hearing about others' experiences and struggles is so important, especially since many of us create products.

    I'm really glad she created this and I hope it grows into much more.

    (I shared this comment on ProductHunt as well)

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  • Posted to Ember Replacement (Dragdis), Jan 07, 2016

    I'm sticking with Ember -- if you store your library locally and manage backups, it works really well.

    A ton of these services open and close every year - it's such a hassle to constantly move everything.

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  • Posted to Stop posting links from Designer Daily, in reply to Daniel Sieradski , Jul 07, 2015


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  • Posted to Showoff your menubar, Jul 07, 2015

    On my work machine:

    • Numi
    • Ember
    • Fantastical 2
    • Noizio
    • 1Pass
    • Skitch
    • Dropbox
    • CloudApp
    • Stay
    • Flux
    • Google Drive
    • TextExpander (hidden)
    • Dash (hidden)
    • BetterSnapTool (hidden)

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  • Posted to Site Design: Hillary for America, in reply to Floyd Williamson , Apr 13, 2015

    Speaking from experience: This is usually what "exploratory" candidate sites look like. Once the campaign really kicks off (usually after the primary), we'll probably see a revamped version that's much fuller with bios, policy info, volunteering info, etc.

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  • Posted to Tapbots — New Website, New Focus, in reply to Cenk Özbakır , Feb 27, 2015

    Probably for caching and selective loading.

    The reset could cache if its a commonly used reset, which might make it load faster than a concatenated (custom) file.

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