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  • Posted to Website Hosting?, in reply to Gavin Anthony , Dec 06, 2016

    I second Netlify!

    Read up on the "JAM stack"

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  • Posted to Swift Playgrounds: Should we teach coding, or creativity?, Jun 16, 2016

    I think a lot of materials, toys, etc. already focus a lot on the imagination and creativity. Even if Swift Playgrounds is heavier on the tactical/technical side and provides limitations.. it's something that isn't currently there for a lot of kids. There needs to be a baseline to learn some technical knowledge.

    Also I think the hand-holding can greatly contribute to pushing some kids "over the edge" who otherwise wouldn't have taken that extra effort to get up a steeper learning curve.

    It's not the only solution but it's a really good contribution to tech literacy IMO.

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  • Posted to Erik Spiekermann has something to say about Dribbble, in reply to Marc Edwards , Mar 14, 2016


    Comment this on the article itself. Would be interested to see some back and forth with Erik on these rebuttals.

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