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  • Posted to Framer.js meetup next Monday at FB NYC, Mar 20, 2014

    Heya all framer friends and those who are interested in prototyping with framer. We're doing a meetup to get to know each other and talk about how we use framer at work.

    We'll have a couple demos for interesting techniques folks have discovered along the way :)

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  • Posted to Show DN: A timeline-based keyframe editor for complex CSS animations, Dec 26, 2013

    FYI on mobile (iphone 5 safari) I can neither zoom nor pan this website.

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  • Posted to Dear Ticketmaster, It is time to redesign the master of all tickets., Dec 10, 2013

    A redesign that's actually well-thought out and well-researched, instead of jockeying around in Photoshop for 2 hours? I hope this becomes a trend.

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  • Posted to VIDEO: Designing with Animation by Pasquale D'Silva, Nov 20, 2013

    The tone you used to criticize other people's work really bummed me out. Publicly shaming other designers for mistakes in their work doesn't make anyone better. I'm not huge fan of what Facebook is doing, but I was still irked to hear cheap remarks from someone I look up to.

    I agree with the content of what you're saying. Yes, there are inconsistencies, they are pretty bad. But they are building something that works for a billion people (and their browsers), it's not an isolated app that works on a consistent platform (the iPhone). Obviously the challenges are different.

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  • Posted to Which software do you use to design animations?, in reply to Mathieu Mayer , Nov 04, 2013

    You should report bugs! Otherwise we can't fix them! :)

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  • Posted to What are your plans for the weekend?, Nov 01, 2013

    Cuddling with my significant other

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  • Posted to Case study: Massive redesign of kadavy.net, Feb 12, 2013

    What's the general opinion on large body copy like on this site?

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  • Posted to Little Ipsum, Jan 09, 2013

    Kudos dustin

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