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  • Posted to Github "dark mode" header, in reply to Joe Blau , Feb 12, 2017

    Black nav does feel very enterprisey.

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  • Posted to The xx, Jan 15, 2017

    The scroll-jacking is massively frustrating.

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  • Posted to Surf Report Template, Nov 18, 2016

    Feels pretty messy.

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  • Posted to Material: A beautiful graphics framework for Material Design in Swift, Feb 01, 2016

    Lets build iOS apps which look completely foreign to iOS. Nice work guys. I sincerely hope Apple starts rejecting any submissions that use frameworks like this.

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  • Posted to AngularJS vs. React — Which One to Pick?, in reply to Jason Block , Jan 03, 2016

    Client payload for that would be massive. :|

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  • Posted to RIP, Mailbox. Hello, N1, Dec 08, 2015

    I love this app, but wasn't impressed with how resource intensive it is (being built on chromium/electron). Massive download size, uses tons of ram, fairly excessive energy usage for a mail app.

    Chromium is great for something like Atom where heavy user customization is inevitable, but I'm not convinced it makes sense for a mail client. A leaner native experience like Sparrow/Airmail/etc seems a better fit.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Polymail, in reply to Brandon Foo , Dec 07, 2015

    Oh nice, I'll be keeping an eye on this one then ;)

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  • Posted to Show DN: Polymail, Dec 07, 2015

    Looks amazing. Is this a native app or running in a Chromium shell?

    My main issue with Nylas N1 is that it's such a resource/energy hog. Native apps like Sparrow and Airmail are pretty lean by comparison, it does help to conserve battery life a little bit.

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  • Posted to Material Design UI for Atom, Dec 07, 2015

    An IDE really doesn't seem like the appropriate place for material design to me, the white-space is way overkill.

    The tabs in particular are wasting tons of vertical space and unnecessary for a non-touch UI. The target market for Atom will either be accurate with a mouse/trackpad or using ⌘+P for selecting files.

    Of course, I have a strong preference towards a compact and efficient layout for Atom, this is the style I'm using:

    The top left logo also changes based on the active project.

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  • Posted to Facebook's Newsfeed Redesign, in reply to Moma Vujisic , Nov 23, 2015

    The letter-spacing ends up all wonky in Chrome with .SFNSText.

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