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  • Posted to Sketch 3.4 is out Now, Check the Latest Features, Oct 26, 2015

    Anyone having issues just trying to move artboards? For some reason, it doesn't want to let me move them...

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  • Posted to Site Design:, May 15, 2015

    Has anyone seen what happens when you resize the screen? It has the cutest little animated illustration that relates to the Virgin America project.

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  • Posted to A challenge to all DN users, Dec 01, 2014

    Seriously, there's less than 10% of women using this site? I'm on it!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: (how) do you use Slack?, Nov 24, 2014

    We LOVE Slack. I just started working with the company I'm working for now and there hasn't been a time we haven't used Slack. It's great for remote purposes and we all work remotely currently. One cool thing is that you can start a google hangout (I know hangouts kinda suck) from Slack, just type in /hangouts in a channel. I can't wait until Slack builds their own video chatting into their product. We also split things up into channels, but not by project, more by product. We have a "tech" channel that's integrated with github, crashlytics and probably something else. Slack is great for sending and storing files as well. I used to just post everything to basecamp for our files, but now Slack can hold them for me.

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  • Posted to Pushh by Yummygum , Nov 24, 2014

    Photoshop skills need work on this. I'd rather see someone who has actually used your app to do this, it's sad that we all have to fake a lot of our mockups when we don't have the content...

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