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  • Posted to As a Product Designer, what is the next thing that you'd like to learn?, in reply to Mike Stevenson , Jul 23, 2018

    3D for Designers. Website and Twitter

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  • Posted to Motion design for the web, iOS & Android with Haiku, Dec 13, 2017

    Can't wait to try it! What I love about Haiku is that the file it exports plays well with Lottie. This is not a tool that is creating a closed ecosystem, but one that connects with and improves existing workflows. Kudos for that.

    I once mentioned that an opportunity for a new product would be: A design tool that is to After Effects what Sketch was to Photoshop and Illustrator. For vector animations Haiku may be it.

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  • Posted to Lottie Without After Effects, Nov 09, 2017

    Looks great! I just applied for an invite : )

    How does this compare to Bodymovin? What's the type of file that Haiku exports? I've been an advocate for Bodymovin + Lottie for some months now [1], and I created a module to incorporate Bodymovin into prototyping with Framer [2].

    I'm curious to know whether or not this would be compatible with Bodymovin or if Haiku's engine can be ported to other tools (like Framer).

    Also, I see that Haiku features interactions and states. Is this a different code layer on top of the animation or does it come bundled with it? Would the code change depending on platform?

    I have lots of questions! Thanks and good luck : )

    [1] https://blog.framer.com/a-change-in-motion-162a2372d75e

    [2] https://github.com/72/bodymovin-for-Framer

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  • Posted to Future of Lottie - Our community-driven vision for the future of our animation tool., Aug 24, 2017

    I'm curious to know if the AirBnb team has plans to work together with Hernan Torrisi [1] and build features on top of Bodymovin, that would be great.

    And by the way, in case someone from the team is reading, please give a shout out to Hernan Torrisi whenever you have a chance!

    Kudos to Salih Abdul-Karim, Gabriel Peal and team for developing Lottie, but the next time you're invited to a podcast or you're interviewed for an article, don't forget to mention Bodymovin and its creator. Lottie has a big dependency on Bodymovin, it would be great to see you sharing the spotlight with his project and his work.

    Long live Lottie : )

    [1] Hernan Torrisi, from Argentina, is the creator of Bodymovin.

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  • Posted to List of Designers Willing to Mentor You, Jul 25, 2017

    Posted under ShowDN because it could be considered a project focused on connecting people from our community.

    This effort was inspired by Stephanie Hurlburt, she recently asked about designers interested in making a list like the one she did for engineers. The idea is to help connect mentors and mentees.

    If you're in a position to help, please reply to get added to the list. Even 1 hour per week to answer emails/tweets would help. Share to aspiring designers if needed.


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  • Posted to With VR and AR on the rise; what's the best place to learn 3D (C4D) as a designer?, in reply to Weston Vierregger , May 30, 2017

    Great answer, thanks for the detailed explanation.

    Any time-saving tips regarding common mistakes newcomers make when designing UI for VR? Broad question, but looking for advice around your 5th step "Learn how to combine them with your existing UI knowledge".


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  • Posted to I want to use Framer, May 08, 2017

    There are a lot of good tips and suggestions in this thread. I just want to add another perspective:

    • Patience and persistence.

      • Don't always compare things by "this took me 10min" versus "this took me 30 secs". This will kill your patience to learn new things.
      • Learning Framer will take a lot more time and effort than learning a drag-and-drop tool. That's not a bad thing. There are everlasting rewards that come by training Persistence.
      • Beware of the "No code required" selling point, just as you'd be of this one: "Lose weight in 2 days". When code is not an option, you'll always be limited to what one tool can or can't do for you.
    • Learning new things

      • Remember that when you use Framer you learn and practice the most transferable skill in the internet: Javascript.
      • When learning a new tool, don't compare it against other tools in terms of versus, but and. As a Designer is essential to keep an open mind to try and learn new tools, and to identify the value they're adding to your tool belt.
      • Try Framer without importing things from Sketch. Recreate the layout by yourself. This will give you a different taste of Framer, one in which you have more control and visibility of everything that exists in your project.
      • I only use Facebook because of the Framer group. I don't like that I have to use it, but there's a lot of value you'll get by joining the group, learning from others and helping others.
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  • Posted to Diseño Cha Cha Cha—Design podcast in Spanish, Apr 21, 2017

    Mucha suerte Pablo y Lumen! Ya lo estoy escuchando : )

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  • Posted to Full Stack Designer, a real thing?, in reply to Sam Small , Apr 21, 2017

    We don’t believe this should include the ability to code

    The stack is not full then. /s

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  • Posted to Atlassian acquires Trello for $425M, in reply to Matt Williams , Jan 09, 2017

    This is one of the weaknesses of our community. I check DN every day for news, but discussion threads rarely add value (that's on us, tbh). Just compare this thread to the same one in Hacker News. You'll find what you asked for: additional context and thoughts on this acquisition.

    Just note how the comment that was downvoted to oblivion in Hacker News is the one that has the most upvotes here.

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