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  • Posted to Spotify: $2 Billion and Counting, in reply to Samuel Marks , Nov 12, 2014

    As I remember, you can buy songs on Spotify – so this is like a some form of donation.

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  • Posted to Why we skip Photoshop (posted 2008), Nov 12, 2014

    Yeah, I remember that article. Started prototyping ui using only html about 4-5 years ago, never looked back after.

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  • Posted to Browsers! Which one!, Nov 11, 2014

    On desktop mostly all of them – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even IE sometimes, easily switching from one to another. Have no preference in this regard.

    On mobile, otherwise, on Android I use Chrome only, on iOS – Safari.

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  • Posted to What do you use to create product interaction gif?, Nov 11, 2014

    I use OS X standard tool for recording (QuickTime –> New Screen Recording), then I edit recorded movie in GIF Brewery and export it in gif.

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