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  • Posted to What do we mean by creativity?, Mar 20, 2023

    Creativity generally refers to the ability to come up with original and valuable ideas or solutions to problems. It involves using one's imagination and thinking outside the box to generate new and innovative ideas that can be applied in various contexts, such as art, science, technology, business, and everyday life.

    Creativity often involves combining existing ideas or concepts in new ways, breaking with traditional conventions, and exploring uncharted territories. It can be expressed in various forms, including visual art, music, literature, design, and scientific research.

    Overall, creativity is a complex and multifaceted concept that is highly valued in many fields and is considered a critical component of innovation and progress.

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  • Posted to What does developer mean?, Aug 24, 2022

    What does developer mean? Definition of developer, Synonyms & Antonyms of developer.

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  • Posted to What does designer mean?, Jul 07, 2022

    In manufacturing and the fine arts, one who conceives or forms a design of any kind, including designs for decorative work; one who invents or arranges motives and patterns for ornamental or artistic purposes.

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