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  • Posted to Creative Agency v University, in reply to Tom DelStrey , Sep 22, 2022

    I wouldn't go anywhere at all. One year of University doesn't give you much and you need to make at least 3 to have the first diploma.I know that studies and work together can de hard but with the help of https://www.topessaywriting.org/essays-for-sale it gets a little better.

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  • Posted to A Typographic Dating Game, in reply to Tom DelStrey , Aug 29, 2022

    Sorry to hear that. We all have our ups and downs so just consider it as a bad period in your life. I was single and very lonely for about 3 years and found a cool guy on listcawler 5 months ago. Now we are talking about moving in together and everything goes very well.

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  • Posted to The Color Game, in reply to Tom DelStrey , Aug 23, 2022

    Just tried it too. It is my last game for today and straight after that i am going back to researching a good editing service.Any advices from this list maybe https://www.grabmyessay.com/research-pаper-editing-service?Never used those things before so would love to have some recommendations.

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  • Posted to Delivery Logistics, Mar 18, 2022

    Agree. And not an easy thing to do actually. The first step here - always check the reviews about logistic companies on pissed customer. That's the way I found LBC Express https://lbc-express.pissedconsumer.com/review.html . Good luck!

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  • Posted to The Future of Retail, in reply to Tom DelStrey , Mar 17, 2022

    Print business is not an easy thing to do. First of all you have to become professional in many different fields and study every single process from scratch. Second - you need to manage the financial part or hire a person who knows everything about big data retail and can help you with making your business profitable.

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