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  • Posted to SEO Business Strategy Benefits and Profitability, Jun 24, 2022

    Many business owners are puzzled by SEO. They often wonder if SEO is suitable for them or not. It all depends on your business. In this blog, I have mentioned it five benefits of SEO. Read this blog to get thorough details.

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  • Posted to 5 Ways to Increase Sales for eCommerce Websites, Jun 24, 2022

    Are you struggling to generate leads from your eCommerce store? This blog will give you clarity about how to improve conversion rates. I have also discussed five tactics for eCommerce store owners. Let’s dive into it.

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  • Posted to Code Quality | The Unsung Warrior in Web Development, May 21, 2022

    Code quality is the measure of code for smooth performance, interaction, and server compatibility. There are many ways you can measure and improve it. In this article, we will understand code quality, its importance, metrics, and ways to improve it.

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  • Posted to Multilingual Website Design | Prima Wines, Apr 27, 2022

    Designing a website in multiple languages is a challenging task. It is tougher when you need to rebuild it from an old website. We, at Sydney Digital Agency, have taken this challenge as an opportunity to deliver a consumer-specific website. Read the full case study to know more>>

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  • Posted to Which One Is the Best for You – Digital Marketing Agency or In-House Team?, Apr 19, 2022

    Most business owners instinctively want to get an in-house team, thinking they will have more control and that will provide them with better value. In this article, we will consider all the upsides and downsides of hiring a digital marketing agency or an in-house team.

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  • Posted to Guide to Design an Interactive Web Design, Mar 23, 2022

    Designing a website is one thing, and designing a website that generates revenue is a different game. We have written this article on the importance of high-converting websites. It is a complex but rewarding task. Let’s dive into it.

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  • Posted to Innovative Multicultural Media: The Power of Multilingual Websites, Mar 11, 2022

    Personalisation is becoming more prevalent and crucial. Implementing new trends and techniques is important. Multilingual websites are one of them. In this blog, I have explained the influence of multilingual websites.

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  • Posted to A Brief Guide to The Fundamentals of Cybersecurity in Web Development, Mar 11, 2022

    You might be aware of cyber attacks. They are becoming more prevalent by the day, and preventive measures must be implemented. In this brief guide, we have explained key fundamentals and importance of cybersecurity in web development.

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  • Posted to Why Your Business Needs a Great Website?, Feb 27, 2022

    Just having a website is not enough in the digital age. It must resonate with your customers to improve the conversion rate and brand awareness. I have written a blog, that explains the top five reasons to have a great website for your business.

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  • Posted to Principles of Good Website Design | Sydney Digital Agency, Feb 15, 2022

    Do you ever notice a website that grabs your attention within seconds? You might also have seen websites with bad design. Right? In this blog, I have explained key principles that set a great website apart from ordinary ones.

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