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  • Posted to Eli Schiff - Dystopic Pipes, in reply to George Kedenburg III , Jul 13, 2016


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  • Posted to 5 Framer Video Tutorials, in reply to Jorn van Dijk , Sep 10, 2015

    Yeah! Please share your feedback and thoughts if you have any. As the disembodied voice of these video tutorials, I'd love to hear if they were helpful.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What are the best Framer.js prototyping tutorials?, Jan 25, 2015

    What Joshua Tucker said about the Facebook group.

    Also, just to add to the links, I'm putting together a next rev of my Framer workshop and have been adding to this collection on Codepen with a bunch of single-purpose Framer examples. From super-basic (what's a layer?) to different animation/interaction design principles in action (resistance, velocity, etc). Thought I'd share here to see if it helps anyone who's inclined to learn by opening up an example and playing around.

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