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  • Posted to - #1 Database of Fiscal Calendars, Sep 14, 2021

    Every company and organization has its own fiscal calendar. These calendars are difficult to access as they are often not easily searchable or only available in hard copy. Our database is a one-stop-shop for all the different types of fiscal calendars imaginable across all industries and countries! We’ve gone out of our way to compile as many publicly available fiscal calendars from around the world into one central location. In addition to searching, you will rapidly get instant access to all updates and changes (fiscal year-end, quarter ends, e.t.c.). This bank of fiscal information allows you and your teams to stay up to date, compare data with other companies, sell effectively, increase your profits and save more money!

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  • Posted to Phrase - The Leanest, Fastest, and Most Reliable Localization Platform., Aug 30, 2021

    Phrase is the leading software localization platform, and the most reliable way to take a web or mobile application global. Our product helps teams of all sizes to scale their translation processes through smart automation.

    Trust in your localization process: With the ISO27001 certification and TISAX AL 2 conformity, and with strict adherence to EU data protection policies, Phrase ensures your information stays safe.

    Bring it all together: Manage your localization on a single platform and collaborate with your whole team online to create a better localization experience for everyone.

    Adjust quickly: Cut your turnaround times in half right away and scale up your localization process. No more cumbersome manual translation file integration.

    Improve quality: Phrase provides a variety of features designed to improve your translation quality and consistency, such as a Glossary, Translation Memory, In-Context Editor, SmartSuggest, Checks, and many more.

    Integrate easily: By providing a variety of integration possibilities such as Phrase’s API, Sketch/Figma plugin, Zapier Integration, Slack Integration, Jira Integration, WordPress Integration, mobile SDK, and GitHub Sync, you can easily integrate the platform into your workflow.

    Keep it simple: Phrase’s API is designed to fit all software localization processes. You can easily import locale files, download locale files, tag keys, or interact in multiple ways with the localization data stored in Phrase through the API.

    Coordinate your team: Organize all your translation tasks by assigning team members and setting due dates to the locales of your choice. Phrase also has an access rights management which allows big organizations to manage projects and users efficiently."

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  • Posted to Survail, Jun 24, 2021

    The days of manually reviewing hours of footage are over. Dramatically improve efficiency and safety with Survail AI Analytics, an intuitive system that analyzes your security camera footage in real-time to identify potential threats before they happen.

    With quick, custom alerts and real-time sharing across teams, your response time can be reduced from minutes down to seconds. With our all-inclusive dashboard, you can seamlessly connect any mix of security cameras across every location from one convenient place.

    Turn surveillance footage into meaningful data in no time with Survail.

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