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  • Posted to Pure CSS Francine, May 02, 2018

    interesting. browser have definitively NOT been optimized for this kind of css use.

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  • Posted to How to deal with Developers who are reluctant to change?, Mar 26, 2018

    this may sounds obvious but... To get your point across: you'll need to present it in a form that the other party fully understands

    For example: it helps when addressing a team of engineer to present your case in the most rational way possible with a well structured list of advantages AND disadvantages affecting everyone (not only end-users) of the solution you are proposing

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Assets in Adobe XD, in reply to Kyle Galle , Mar 21, 2018

    I've been using layer comps within smart objects in ps until recently. the process has it's own specific issues that I won't detail here.

    Reasons why I would consider symbol state useful:

    • in the end this is how designs get implemented, so It does sounds natural to have some symmetry.

    Examples where symbol state would be helpful:

    • Button (active, focused, hover, disabled,...) in a single symbol, update corner radius once, updates everywhere in all states.

    • Navigation (variable active element) in a single symbol, update font size or font-family in a single place, updates everywhere in all states.

    • etc

    I recently started using XD, although at first I was set back by the various shortcomings, I must say the experience proved to be a huge improvement over ps. Performance, outstanding features (repeat grid) and streamlined workflow are great foundations for a promising future

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Assets in Adobe XD, Mar 20, 2018

    on the top of that list, I would add: being able to add and edit states inside symbols

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  • Posted to Adobe XD 1.0, Oct 19, 2017

    I do hope I could use XD at some point, but the dev process is somewhat slower than I had expected, 1.0 is out today but it still does not provide the most basic tools needed for UX design

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  • Posted to Sublime Text 3, Sep 15, 2017

    It's been 2, 3 years since I last used ST (I've been using Atom and VSCode since).

    Yesterday I was working on a 50k line file in atom.Today I opened that same file in ST3 and cried...

    Bottom line: Don't underestimate the performance difference between ST3 and electron based editors, it does make for a fundamentally different coding experience

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  • Posted to Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty, Sep 05, 2017

    this entire thing makes very little sense to me because:

    1. the result are quite predictable, as this proposition:

    "every time you remove a signifier, you subtly increase the amount of mental effort that's required to use your interface"

    clearly doesn't need backup from a study.

    1. The data is just wrong as there aren't real definition of what "flat design" is. (ex: in their test the "flat" version had the link underline un-flat is an underline ?)

    In the end, this makes up for yet another catchy headline article full of BS.

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  • Posted to The first sites have surfaced and they're kinda terrible, Mar 08, 2016

    Not surprised at all. what did you expect ? Ai that turns crap content into grade A content ?

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  • Posted to The definitive guide to living with Photoshop as a UI designer., May 16, 2015

    here's some simple solutions I use to get rid of any performance issues: 1. use ps on windows. 2. get at the very least 32 GB ram (I use 64) 3. try to avoid using too large textfields

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  • Posted to How do you present designs? Lots of options or one recommendation?, Oct 05, 2014

    The whole design process can be considered a suite of choices.

    I force myself to mentally motivate every single decision I take in my design practice. Taking that process to it's end, I can only come up with one final solution.

    Providing several solution would be like giving up on designing and handing the decision to someone else.

    Providing lots of options in a design solution, is the worst way of getting the client involved. (You rather get them involved when helping them to make you understand their problem and clearly define the goals you need to achieve)

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