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  • Posted to The Last Time — My first iOS app, in reply to Matthew O'Connor , Mar 24, 2019

    +1 on this. This would probably also help the app sort better? E.g. if I have a lot of different recurring tasks, I wouldn't want "cleaning my fridge" to always be at the top just because I only do it once every 6 months, when that's actually when I should be doing it.

    I would love to be able to sort according to "stuff that's past the frequency I'm supposed to do it at." Once that's there, this app would probably sit permanently on my home screen.

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  • Posted to Learn how to build a simple card animation in Framer X, in reply to Jon Rundle , Nov 29, 2018

    Gotcha. Thank you for the answer. I'll have to play around with that :)

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  • Posted to Learn how to build a simple card animation in Framer X, Nov 03, 2018

    This gets me thinking: is there any way to view different states in Framer X besides in the previewer?

    What you've built here is essentially two different states of the card component, but one you can lay out on the canvas, and the other you can only see/manipulate through looking at a preview and then changing code. Seems kind of cumbersome, no?

    It's definitely less redundant than having to copy over entire artboards as you would do in Sketch, but then again it seems that for the onClick state you lose the entire point of a design tool: being able to manipulate the components visually. That's too bad.

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  • Posted to Grid is coming to Webflow - Live sneak preview on 9/18, Sep 13, 2018

    Please make something akin to the Flexbox Game—hands down the best way to learn flexbox.

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  • Posted to The secret behind all great copywriting, in reply to Felix Jamestin , Aug 21, 2018

    I have to say, I don't really think that's how writing works. You can't just make up your own rules because you feel like it. Then the system falls apart. Capital letters are an agreed upon rule—just the fact that the lack of them are distracting your readers give them practical value.

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  • Posted to Has anyone taken the Design + Code React course?, in reply to Meng To , Aug 12, 2018

    Hi Meng

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I guess I just had different expectations on what a React course would contain. I'm looking forward to the more advanced topics, and—as I wrote in the other comment—I still think that your combined chapters are worth the cost.

    Best, Sebastian

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  • Posted to Has anyone taken the Design + Code React course?, Aug 08, 2018

    Just finished it, yes. I wasn't very impressed—definitely less impressed than by Design+Code's other courses. It's super basic, introduces GatsbyJS as well as React, but doesn't do that good of a job explaining why and how the two work together.

    The introduction is more or less just a lot of copy/pasting lines in the terminal until you have a project folder, so if you aren't familiar with npm or JS frameworks in general, you won't be after this course.

    I'm pretty proficient in HTML+CSS, so I was disappointed in the fact that styling was given more attention and explained more in-depth than React itself.

    I like the learning by doing approach, but I think this course was too light on theory. I like to do, but I also like to understand what and why I'm doing. I'd say the $50 is still worth it, but mostly for the rest of their courses.

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  • Posted to Dynamic Layouts In Phase — { Panta Rhei* }, May 15, 2018

    I'm looking forward to trying Phase once you launch. It seems like you guys are working on solving a lot of the problems that exist in our current digital design tools, so thank you for that.

    One thing that I couldn't help to think reading through your post, though: wow that's a lot of different buttons and input fields. Of course it's always hard to have a valid opinion on this without actually having tried out the tool, but it seems to be, well ... overly complicated?

    I really enjoyed this talk by Kevin from Subform about how they chose their layout model.

    What are your thoughts on simplicity/ease of use vs loads of features?

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  • Posted to A Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development, in reply to Sebastian Graz , Nov 02, 2017

    I'm curious: where did you find that Tachyons fell short, where Tailwind may not? I'm starting a project soon and was planning on using Tachyons, but will reconsider if it makes sense.

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  • Posted to Palettab - Chrome Extension, Oct 15, 2014

    I like it, only problem is this has happened a couple of times. Color too bright

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