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  • Posted to Ask DN: Tool that combines personal finance AND freelance time-tracking and invoicing?, in reply to Tom Reinert , Jul 22, 2021

    What are some modern ways to translate?

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  • Posted to Sections Ecommerce - A powerful wireframing kit for ecommerce projects, Jul 20, 2021

    I own a retail store and wanted assistance with Salesforce cloud connectors for our e-commerce store. This is very important to me, therefore I urge that everyone in the same business learn about salesforce ecommerce solution so that you may considerably simplify data and your organization as a whole. So, maybe, that was helpful and that I was able to assist someone!

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  • Posted to Esports Earnings Video - Thoughts on the design of the video?, Jul 18, 2021

    The earnings of cyber athletes are very considerable, but you have to understand that their psychological health is very much affected by how difficult it is for them right now. That is why I recommend to look and read the details about the psychological health of the cybersportsmen . Because it is a very difficult thing and you can't do without psychological help, read it for yourself.

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  • Posted to What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Ecommerce Developer?, Jul 16, 2021

    I run a retail business myself and really needed help with Salesforce cloud integrations, for our e-commerce business. This to me is very important, so I recommend everyone who has the same business to get familiar with the fact that salesforce ecommerce integration and then you can greatly facilitate the data and your company as a whole. So I hope that will be useful and that I was able to help someone!

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  • Posted to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Modern Resume (Web & PDF), Jul 13, 2021

    Writing any resume is not easy and then you need to think about how best to do it. It is often difficult to find help, because there are not very good services for resumes, so people are afraid of wasting time and money and not getting the job they need. That's why I can only say that it's better to find specialists immediately, for this it's better to turn here and read about different companies, which provide services and on the basis of this analysis to choose already for yourself.

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  • Posted to Atelier.M / Unique metal made to measure, Jul 11, 2021

    As for the metal, then you should immediately understand that it is very difficult to work with it, especially if you do not have good machines and professional team. Luckily I have one, so I can say for myself that it is better to go there right away, for example, I needed to make a project from metal according to drawings , and they were able to metalworking according to drawings quickly and without problems. In addition the price is still normal and adequate. I hope I was able to help!

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  • Posted to Cool design, in reply to Gary Simon , Jul 09, 2021

    I studying the Great Depression period and I still notice a lot of trends. I hope people come to the senses and refuse to return to that time. That's why I read several pretty fun pieces, for example, you can also view linked here The other day. Or refresh your memory, you can learn a lot. Perhaps at least that will help us understand what we can do.

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  • Posted to ERP vs CRM | WHICH SOFTWARE DO YOU NEED?, Jul 04, 2021

    Now a lot of people are going to work remotely because of the pandemic, and it has never been more important than now to have new data analysis software. I have already found one and studied the details about it, as well as found a team to help implement it. You can also read about salesforce einstein analytics here to get a better idea of what I am talking about and how big possibilities this software opens up for many businesses today, both for large and small businesses.

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  • Posted to Major DevOps Challenges and How to Address Them, Jun 30, 2021

    With DevOps technology, any business can be significantly optimized. But exactly how to do this process and how to integrate this functionality into your system is something that few people know. I decided not to take any chances and hired reliable people and found here devops professional services , where they helped me close this issue. I am very glad that it worked so well and easily managed to integrate this application for your business. I recommend it!

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  • Posted to We’re trying to build a new PowerPoint for Gen Z. What do you think so far?, Jun 27, 2021

    The hardest thing now is to make presentations as easy to display as possible. I was not able to make a normal scale and properly make the effects. It is good that there were specialists who were able to help with this, and thus the presentation turned out. I therefore recommend the company slidepeak , which is exactly the company that specializes in this. I hope I can help.

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