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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are there good alternatives to Dribbble?, Dec 01, 2020

    UIGiants is a professional platform for UX and UI designers with a focus on design skills, not dribbble shots. Our designers create and explore the most advanced portfolios that include:

    • interactive prototypes (embedded directly from Figma, XD, ProtoPie, Marvel or built with UIGiants own prototyping tool);
    • A/B posts;
    • real size mockups and videos;
    • (coming soon) case studies.

    Our users also benefit from other features such as:

    • interactive prototype challenges with money prizes and ability to be featured on UIGiants
    • smart comment mode with pins
    • job board

    We’re building the best place for product designers to showcase their real skills and experience while HRs, entrepreneurs, startups etc. could properly evaluate them.

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  • Posted to UIGiants - a place to show and find UX/UI design talents rather than dribbble shots, Nov 24, 2020

    We are a small remote team of experienced designers (2) and developers (4) located in Ukraine and Belarus. We announced UIGiants launch just about 1,5 months ago but for this short period of time have already got almost 1500 registered users and a traffic of 10000 users per month with minimal expenses on ads. According to our first survey almost 90% of our users rated us from 8 to 10 (10 is the highest).

    UIGiants is a professional platform for UX, UI, graphic designers and people who hire them. The main goal is to let designers showcase their real skills and experience while companies could assess them properly. We achieve this through the most advanced portfolios which include:

    • interactive prototypes (built with UIGiants own prototyping tool or embedded directly from Figma, Adobe XD, ProtoPie, Marvel)
    • A/B posts with a voting feature;
    • images, gifs, video
    • (coming soon) case studies

    I would appreciate feedback and suggestions.

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