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  • Posted to How to Build an On-Demand App for Laundry Services and How to Manage Laundry Business., Apr 21, 2021

    Planning to develop on-demand uber for laundry app? Thinking how to start a laundry pickup and delivery service business app and how to manage laundry business. Don't worry, We are here to provide you best laundry app solution for your laundry business. Take your laundry business online with a white-label Uber for laundry delivery app. Get features like pickup & delivery date, track your order, order status, view order history, offers and discount coupons. Read more

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  • Posted to How Deliveroo Works: Business Model and Revenue Model, Apr 21, 2021

    Deliveroo is an online delivery food application that provides food at home and the workplace from various restaurants and food courts. The idea of Deliveroo model came with an immediate need to bring change to the food delivery market, a market in which people were deprived of both good quality food and a variety of food options. Deliveroo’s business model is a highly efficient one, it targets the most valuable customer segments that are interdependent and required for a business to work, these are Customers and Restaurants. Deliveroo value propositions include accessibility, convenience, price, risk reduction, and brand reputation. Deliveroo revenue model is so simple they charge a small amount of fee from customers depending upon the area. On a basic level, it charges £2.50 from customers. Deliveroo also earns from restaurants through commission. To know more about How Deliveroo Works: Business Model and Revenue Model read our blog

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  • Posted to How Skip the Dishes Work: Business Model and Revenue Model, Apr 21, 2021

    Skip the dishes is founded in 2012 and is one of the largest firms in Canada with around 2500 employees. Skip the dishes business model has changed the food market in Canada and the UK drastically. Skip the dishes or food delivery apps such as Skip the dishes in Canada follow some value proportions that make these apps more likable. Skip the dishes revenue model is foremost the simplest one, Skip the dishes in Canada earn through restaurants where they charge the partnered restaurants with a specific amount of money on each order that is placed through the Skip app. Alongside skip the dishes earn revenue from advertising the restaurants or cafes. To know more about How Skip the Dishes Work: Business Model and Revenue Model read our blog for the same

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  • Posted to How Drizly Works: Business Model & Revenue Model, Apr 20, 2021

    Drizly Business and Revenue model is an inspiration for all alcohol delivery companies. Drizly an on-demand food delivery app that carved a unique, step-by-step growth strategy for itself and eventually, succeeded in transforming the way alcohol is bought and sold across various continents. Drizly Business and Revenue Model are pretty unique. The start-up neither sells nor delivers alcohol, which means that it does not have any products or a delivery fleet of its own. Now the question arises how drizly make money? The start-up charges a monthly licensing fee from all its partners (liquor stores) who use Drizly’s platform known as drizly monthly fee. Alongside the company only charges a delivery fee of $5 from its consumers. To know More About How Drizly works: Revenue and Business model do Read our Blog And if you want the Drizly Clone app then AppsRhino is your Perfect Fit. Do visit our website to know more

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  • Posted to Create Food Ordering App Like Uber Eats, Apr 16, 2021

    Thinking of a food delivery startup? Looking for a food delivery app solution? We are the best mobile app development company and provides you best mobile app on iOS and Android. Create your own food delivery and ordering app like uber eats. You can use our uber eats clone i.e ready-made on-demand food delivery solutions, just customize your own food delivery app according to you. Develop and Launch your food delivery app like uber eats. Visit our website

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