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  • Posted to A social platform for people with a collecting passion (your feedback needed), in reply to Maggie W. , Jul 04, 2018

    I have to agree with Marek. It's really giving me no reason why I should sign up. What's the benefit to me? It's not so much discouraging, rather it's just not engaging. Signing up is a common process, but if it's not clear what I'm signing up for and how it can improve my life as a collector then why should I bother. Apologies if that seems overly critical.

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  • Posted to Looking for a suggestion or a list of website related to travelling with good design., Jun 11, 2018


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  • Posted to The BBC is rolling out a new font designed for mobile screens, in reply to Kevin Healy , Aug 22, 2017

    John Reith was the founder of the BBC and the new typeface is named after him.

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  • Posted to How do you get Dribbble invite?, Nov 28, 2016

    I signed up to Dribbble to follow some designers and a few hours later a complete stranger just sent me an invite. I'm not sure if this happens often, but I've never heard of anyone else getting an invite this way.

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  • Posted to Marvel has a new logo and landing page., Jan 27, 2016

    Nice touch when you hover on the new logo (I only did that bc I saw instructions to do so from the creator on Dribbble).

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  • Posted to Site Design: 99% Invisible, Jan 27, 2016

    Considering it's called 99% Invisible, there is a lot of visual noise. That being said, it's a nice design and I echo what others have said regarding the branding and icons.

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  • Posted to Video: Working at Booking.com, Nov 02, 2015

    I've known Phil for a number of years through a mutual friend. He's a really nice guy and exceptionally passionate and dedicated to his craft. It's a cool video. And it's cool that it's being driven by individuals rather than recruitment or marketing. Clearly that gives some idea of the culture there. Maybe there's some dissonance between the video and the title.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are 'Social share buttons' more effective than 'Copy link URLs'?, Aug 26, 2015

    I recall reading not to long ago that only around 0.2% of users use sharing buttons on mobile. Can't seem to find the source though. Not sure about desktop, but users on mobile that do share, will do it using the native functions.

    But overall, I think it really does depend on the audience and context to be honest.

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  • Posted to Designers, do you pay for design resources?, Jul 31, 2015

    Occasionally. I've never purchased icon or UI sets, I feel I can make them just as well or better myself. I often find they lack flexibility and will never fit a brief as well as me creating my own. I've purchased fonts, stock images and psd mock up templates. Since I either can't do them as well, or don't have the time.

    The issue with free resources if that 1) they usually aren't great quality and 2) everyone has access to them. Which isn't great for client work.

    Something like Unsplash is unique, because the quality is great, but you do tend to see the same images across the internet

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