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Art Sevani

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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 21, 2018

    I use Peak Design - Everyday Backpack. Beautiful design, very flexible, and super durable. I carry my camera, go pros, MacBook, tripod and more.

    Had it for 2 months already and love it more and more each time I find different use for it. I think it's one of the best designed backpacks out there if not the best...

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  • Posted to Good version control tools for designers, Jul 19, 2018

    Hi Brian, Art here from Plant. Let me know if you would like to get on a call and discuss your concerns you may have had with Plant. We have some amazing updates coming this year, which I'm sure will improve the overall experience with the product.

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  • Posted to Plant just updated their plugin for Sketch, in reply to Andreas Ubbe Dall , Apr 18, 2018

    Hi Andreas, there are many advantages of Plant over other similar tools, but here are some of them: 1. Plant seamlessly integrates with Sketch, keeping designers focused on their creative process without distraction. 2. Plant's powerful conflict resolution system let's designers work on same artboards simultaneously without worry. Plant will recognize when changes collide and will prompt users to resolve conflicts before sending a new version. For more advantages of Plant check out this article:

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  • Posted to Plant just updated their plugin for Sketch, in reply to Matt K , Apr 17, 2018

    Hi Matt, sorry that we couldn't fix your case faster than you have expected. It is our priority to give our users the best experience and support with Plant, but sometimes cases take longer than expected. We did discuss your case with the team and made some improvements in our process.

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  • Posted to How do you work with multiple designers on a Sketch File?, Jan 12, 2018

    Hi Chloe, we have recently launched a Sketch plugin, Plant, a version control and collaboration tool for designers. I would like to invite you to try, let me know if you have any questions

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  • Posted to Abstract vs Plant performance, in reply to Rey Alejandro , Dec 30, 2017

    Hi Rey, yes specs are included in Developer Handoff feature that is coming soon, and you could also see what kind of features Plant has on our website in plan comparison section.

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  • Posted to Abstract vs Plant performance, Dec 29, 2017

    George, I was wondering if you had a chance to try Plant. Would like to know what exactly you mean by complex projects. Some of industry's top companies are currently on Plant with many designers and they are not having any issues with their large projects. However, I do appreciate your honesty, and want to inform you that we have some amazing new features coming soon which should help managing complex projects better. Also here is a link that explains how different Plant is from others

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  • Posted to Abstract vs Plant performance, Dec 28, 2017

    Agnes, I would like to invite you to try Plant's free plan and see how it fits your need. Plant is great working with large files, there is no limit. On top of that we have some amazing new features in the pipeline, especially for collaboration and management, as well as support for new formats. Looking forward to having you on Plant.

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  • Posted to Sketch Inspector: Making it wider?, in reply to Brian Moon , Nov 20, 2017

    Brian, Plant is now available to the public. Go to and try it out. Feel free to ask me any questions about it.

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  • Posted to Plant - Version Control for Designers Officially launched, in reply to Aurooba Ahmed , Nov 16, 2017

    Aurooba, thank you! Support for adobe apps is definitely on our roadmap

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