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  • Posted to Process of how I planned and designed an organization feature with multiple roles, Mar 17, 2020

    “You’ve never heard the phrase: “Divided We Stand” ― Manuel Corazzari

    Well, for our new feature at Tink, I’d use that quote he’s quoting. As in, we’re building team settings, so multiple accounts can access one organization, compared to solution today where all users have to login with the same account. So, we’re dividing an account to multiple users to make it more efficient and secure for the organization as a whole. Example: previously, three users shared one account to access one organization. With the update, three users create one account each to access the organization. Making it more secure, easier to handle and more efficient.

    Full article here

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  • Posted to I rebuilt and redesigned my sideproject: a playlist, newsletter and blog about hip hop, Mar 17, 2020

    It's almost 3 years since I launched my side project Franklins Weekly - my hip hop newsletter, playlist and blog. To celebrate that, I've changed the design and flow to sign up for the newsletter.

    Previously, there was a lot of content on that page: links to old newsletters, a lot of text describing what it's all about and imagery everywhere. There was also a full page block on the top with just a tiny intro text and an image, and you'd have to scroll down to subscribe to the newsletter or find the blog. Not ideal for quick test of product (which in this case is listen to the playlist) nor to sign up to the newsletter or follow the blog (the two other parts of the product, more than the playlist).

    So! I've changed it. Made it dark. Recoded the entire site with TailwindCSS (great stuff!). Optimized the content (hopefully) by adding a link to the playlist at the top. I've reduced the content of the site by 90% and just added 3 blocks to the startpage:

    1) Link to playlist, as well as a preview of the playlist 2) Subscribe to newsletter 3) Link to blog (which also is an archive of previous newsletters)

    If you're interested in some hip hop and a chronicle now and then on that topic, feel free to sign up.

    Cheers, Wille

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  • Posted to Rollie – Spending Tracker, in reply to Mauricio Paim , Apr 19, 2019

    We do that at my company. We let people connect to over 3,000 banks (like Plaid). We have a free option where you can use the redirect like Plaid to let users connect to any bank they might have and gather info such as transactions, savings, loans, mortgages etc. https://tink.com/ with a demo here: https://demo.tink.com/

    Tink got big through our app that we made which is like Rollie, where the user can see their transactions and see down to details where the money is spent (groceries/rent/tobacco/healtcare/gym/etc.). https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/tink-follow-your-money/id649395387?l=en&mt=8 (not available in the U.S like Rollie, hence I hope it's OK I link it here)

    Could build something like Rollie with our open API if you have time :) We offer the PFM (Personal Finance Management) features like Budgets, Recurring Transactions, Saving goals, etc through our API as well if you'd want to build something like that fast :)

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  • Posted to Insights from designing one graph a hundred times, Apr 16, 2019

    I've written an article about my insights from designing one graph at least a hundred times.

    In the book Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, one can read how it takes at least 10,000 hours to reach a world-class expertise in a skill. Well, I'm far from 10,000 hours but on my journey there, it feels like I know less the further down that 10,000 hour ride I go because more questions rise for every hour that passes.

    If I would try to put my knowledge in relation to time, I'm worried that it would be going downwards. The good thing is that I know at least know how to properly portray that in an accurate, pretty neat graph!

    Read my step-by-step article on how I designed the coming graphs at Tink through an iterative process. A long, iterative process.

    Read the article here https://medium.com/@william.bengtsson/learnings-from-designing-graphs-9033e9034ca0

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  • Posted to I built a physical Sketch panel, would love to know what you think, Feb 17, 2019


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  • Posted to Creating a web design system from an app design system, Feb 08, 2019

    Hello! I wrote a blog post about a new web front-end built on React that needed a web design system, connected to the current product design design system that was built purely for an app.


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  • Posted to Black & Dark mode for the Tink app, Nov 14, 2018

    We wrote a little piece about it as well. To sum it up: we’ve added two styling variations, black and dark modes, to the current white one. Black mode is battery efficient, good for your sleep and a great way to experience Tink in a different way.


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  • Posted to Is it just me or do all new tech websites look like Stripe?, May 04, 2018


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  • Posted to Tink rebranding, Apr 16, 2018

    Crisp! ;)

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  • Posted to Mawla - Creative Development Agency, Mar 28, 2018


    The main font (Sofia Pro) renders very poorly at 16px and below on my Cinema Display and MacBook Retina screens. Looks crisp otherwise!

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