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  • Posted to Infinity CSS Grid, in reply to James Lane , Dec 20, 2018

    Semantic UI!? Look.. this discussion is getting pointless. I'm not sure even why we are having this discussion..

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  • Posted to Infinity CSS Grid, in reply to James Lane , Dec 19, 2018

    Responsive and semantically correct?

    It comes with "native" responsivnes all the the columns are fluid and can be reshaped.You can always add how columns behave in some breakpoints.

    Semantically correct? No CSS Framework is semantically correct they are used as smarter building blocks, declare once and use it many times. You can always add semantic hocks like #header, #footer, #sidebar.. Also if you use semantic logic you will produce more CSS code..

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  • Posted to Infinity CSS Grid, in reply to James Lane , Dec 18, 2018

    It doesn't need -ms-prefix to work in IE 10. I made tests in IE 10.

    Why would it need to be implemented using npm?

    It doesn't. You can simply make download. I use npm because it give me access to the content delivery network unpkg.com or others.

    Why not use css grid? For some web designers is the browser compatibility. CSS Grid is not the holy grail is just different CSS Layout system. I actually made this: https://vladocar.github.io/SMART-CSS-GRID/

    You will probably respond with the CSS Grid we no longer need CSS Frameworks. True, but the CSS Frameworks are just smart way to organise you CSS.

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  • Posted to Infinity CSS Grid, in reply to James Lane , Dec 18, 2018

    What do you mean?

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  • Posted to Floaty - CSS Float Based Layout System, in reply to Ken Em , Dec 11, 2018

    Better flexibility.

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  • Posted to 60GS - CSS Grid Layout , in reply to Simon Evans , Jun 11, 2018

    This solution is can be used for everything even for Photoshop or Grid on Paper. You split the grid with 60 grid units and because 60 is first number dividable by 2,3,4,5 and 6 you can make 1 to 6 columns. This is just Grid System and you can use it for making any grid on any medium.

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  • Posted to Cyber Monday Deals, Dec 01, 2014

    We are continuing with our more than 50% discount from BlackFriday:


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  • Posted to Black Friday Deals, Nov 28, 2014

    50% discount




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  • Posted to Hartija - CSS Print Framework , in reply to Craig Lockwood , Sep 17, 2014

    Actually the original version is from 6 years ago http://code.google.com/p/hartija/ and has been used in many other frameworks. I made it for one client who needed nice and simple print CSS.

    Best practices are things like type that works great for print like Garamond and "Times New Roman" using pt; instead of px. Using "right" line-height: 1.45 based on this research http://www.vcarrer.com/2013/10/in-search-of-ideal-line-height.html

    Also some other simple #UI and #UX things like show all urls on print and other small stuff.

    Feel free to change anything you can add or remove styles and optimize the CSS to your needs.

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