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  • Posted to New Designer Onboarding, Aug 18, 2014

    Go around and introduce the new designer to everyone on the team. They could go around and take the initiative to approach all these new strangers, but it's a huge gesture if you handle the introductions.

    Explain where to find things in the office, and when lunch hour generally happens. Don't expect that HR has already done this, and even if they have, it makes your new teammate feel more welcome.

    Actively make sure they have everything they need (Basecamp access, mailing lists, Dropbox permissions, etc). There's plenty of institutional knowledge that they don't have, and this will get them started.

    Do not thrust them into a meeting with other employees and simply resume the conversation where you left off. Be mindful that there's someone new in the room, so it goes a long way to pause once in a while to briefly provide context for an obscure project or lingo, so they can feel included as a part of the team.

    Eat lunch with them. Possibly with other team members as well. Don't leave them stranded to find their own table.

    Broadly talk through projects in progress, and where they align with the longer term goals of the product.

    Remember to say goodbye when you or they leave the office for the day.

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