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  • Posted to See your Twitter friends and followers nearby on a map., Jan 23, 2023

    Hi DN!

    I built a way for you to stay up to date with people. See who's in town for meetups, catchups, and hangouts.

    Let us know the place with the most followers of yours, and check out the party in Antarctica.

    Meet more people in real life again. Connect with people when traveling - Supercharge your "I am going to be in X, who should I meet" Tweets! Discover friends you didn't know you have. Search for where your favorite people are at. Create groups fast through quick DM'ing for Partiful/Eventbrite meets.

    The best part is - It's free for folks. For people under 20k followers + following (we need to load more profiles if it's above it, so hop on, and we'll get you sorted if you have more).

    For businesses/influencers: Know where to target your audience, locations to go, and more!

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  • Posted to Built a widget to kickstart projects with lines of beta users waiting, Jan 13, 2020

    Would love to know any thoughts!

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