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  • Posted to Turning @ into $, in reply to Nick Hiley , Feb 10, 2016

    no premium content, just the easiest way to support (or be supported by) the people who make the stuff you love on the internet

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  • Posted to Apple has lost the functional high ground, Jan 05, 2015

    Obviously no OS is going to be 100 perfect, and Apple has never truly "just worked", but with every new feature comes added complexity, and with every redesign come interaction changes. Spent christmas watching my parents struggle to try to use their iPads because every option and control keeps changing.

    Not that one molehill makes a mountain, but look at iOS 7 airplay and iOS 8 airplay. Originally, when watching a video on your iPhone, you hit the airplay button and, like magic, it showed up on your AppleTV. The button didn't show up when you weren't near an AppleTV. It "just worked". Now, in iOS 8, you have to turn on Airplay in Control Center (definitely not intuitive), and you can turn it on or off whenever you want - when connected to an AppleTV, when watching a movie, or when sitting in a subway not connected to any network. No indication of whether its on or not. No guidance. Very confusing. Much more Windows95 taskbar than iOS simplicity.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you cross-browser test?, Jan 02, 2015

    We use sauce labs as part of QA/testing process (mainly for automated testing), but it has the ability to do manual tests on a seemingly limitless combination of OSes and browsers, which makes it incredibly useful and well worth the money.

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