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  • Posted to Does a UX Designer Need to Learn Coding?, Jun 08, 2020

    The question is - who decides? The market probably. So, if your competition designs better software, collaborates better with developers and produces overall better user experience and make more sustainable product designs, because, besides all other things, they also know how apps are made and how much it costs to make certain feature or interaction. They make some apps even by themselves and they are naturally curious about what they are working on. Then, to stay competitive, you should also learn how code works. There is also another point. If you want to follow best standards, latest fancy trends and stay on the beaten track, you can get away even without knowing what a for loop is, an API or a latency. But if you want to innovate in the field of user interaction, interactive animation, interface components or simply have fun by changing how things work, then you should try to code ... and, have fun building.

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