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  • Posted to Crazy 8s Timer — Now on Web, Sep 27, 2019

    And maybe 100% viewport height for the timer when I switch from portrait to landscape? Just a suggestion, but thanks for the freebie Design Sprint X

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  • Posted to Crazy 8s Timer — Now on Web, Sep 27, 2019

    Looks and works great on my iPad Pro - would be awesome if you could make the timer face 4 x bigger?

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  • Posted to Fake agile: How to fix it with Design Sprints, Sep 20, 2019

    This will be an interesting read, the last place I worked, we used to say we were running 'fragile' - lol!

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  • Posted to How does music make you more productive?, Sep 13, 2019

    Oh man, I've listened to loads of so-called workshop playlists on Spotify and they have been so far off the mark and unworkable. Love the scientific insight and rationale here - will give it a listen and report back.

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  • Posted to Design Sprint Spotify Playlist — Sketch Day., Sep 10, 2019

    I'll check it out - There is definitely some science behind the right kind of music for focussing on cognitive work - melody, BPM etc. I can't put my finger on it but some tracks are impossible to work to. Got to have a relaxed, subconscious vibe going on, yet have enough tempo to be motivating. Cheers, I might write an article on this - you've got me thinking...

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  • Posted to Doing Design Sprints? Crazy 8's Sketching Tips, Sep 06, 2019

    I actually read this on Medium last week. Already downloaded the app and my team have started changing our mindset to the time pressure of Crazy 8s. Can you do an update to configure the time of each set?

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