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  • Posted to How do you measure the ROI of great design (for real)?, May 18, 2020

    The eternal question...

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  • Posted to, May 18, 2020

    Finally, someone speaks the same language I do!

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  • Posted to Peak-End Rule, Apr 20, 2020

    Been a fan of UX Laws since it came out. Excited for the book! Thanks Jon.

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  • Posted to What do you use to gather visual inspiration?, Apr 03, 2020

    If you use InVision, you could definitely use their moodboard function. Great to share with the team if they're already setup that way.

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  • Posted to Suggestion: Invite-Only DN again, in reply to Catalin Cimpanu , Mar 17, 2020

    Quality content is paramount... I have to filter through the noise as well, but there are still some great sources from time to time.

    A simple "Curated section" by mods at the top would ease that search for me big time... A bit like the newsletter but inside DN instead.

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  • Posted to The problem with snackbars and what to use instead, Mar 16, 2020

    Finally! Your point about the GDoc feature is actually good. Depending on context, there's an opening for a new kind of component that informs the user constantly without the pitfalls of the snackbar.

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  • Posted to Apple reveals the best Night mode photos shot on iPhone, Mar 16, 2020

    These look great but I'd be really curious to see a comparison showdown with the pixel night mode.

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  • Posted to Design Sprints for Product Designers, Mar 16, 2020

    Good summary. There's also this exhaustive resource about DS created by GV if you want more details

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  • Posted to Need some feedback on my portfolio website, Mar 08, 2020

    Cool projects, like Juozas mentioned, it seems the container isn't responsive (I have like 15px of side scroll)

    Also, I'd try to structure the projects in a way where it's super easy to understand what's the problem you (or the client) is trying to solve and how you did that.

    That will set you apart from other designers drawing shiny stuff.

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  • Posted to New BMW Logo, in reply to Mark Davis , Mar 08, 2020

    It does feel like a half step... They could've removed the outer white outline to free the letters a bit. They felt contained with the black background... now the letters feel squeezed.

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